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About us

Connect Tech

Expert Tech Solutions Company

Connect Tech is established by Connect Group that provide a wide range of technology solutions aimed to support your business. Our experts offer assistance in Marketing, Infrastructure, Security and Software Development to boost your operations and improve your brand.

Hands-on approach

Our technology experts can provide software development services and the new technology your company needs and make it easy to understand for you and your team.

We have the latest tools and resources to offer an innovative approach to solve your particular needs. Our mission is to assist you to overcome the most complex challenges so you can take your business to the next level.

Full suite of services

From online marketing to web development, we can be your trusted technology provider so you can receive a solution adapted to your requirements.

Digital Marketing
Design & development
Seo optimization
Social advertising

Why partner with Connect Tech?

We are a leading technology solutions provider that want to offer the best resources to our clients. We want to give you access to world-class IT infrastructure, software development services, marketing specialist and high-skilled developers to provide a comprehensive service to your business.

Our goal is to develop a solid relationship with every client, as well as provide a customized solution aligned to your business so you can overcome the challenges and solve problems. Boost your operations and have less things to worry about with Connect Tech.

Our Services


With our CRM and Marketing Automation and Online Marketing Service we can help your business maximize its online reach. Our experts in digital marketing can help you overcome challenges and develop a successful strategy.


Get access to our cloud-based service and cloud solutions to grow your IT environment and save costs in equipment. Make our business stay competitive and productive with our customized solution.


Our wide range of services in security include cybersecurity, IT audit & consulting, security & hosting and network and infrastructure to help your business stay safe and in total compliance.

Software Development

Our specialists and developers are readily available to help you with mobile application development, MVP development and web app development & web designing to make your business have a successful immersion in the digital world and provide a better customer service.

What Our Clients Say

Testimonial 1

With Connect Tech we were able to save resources thanks to their customized cloud-based service. They offer a highly convenient solution that help us business stay safe by ensuring our data is well protected.

Testimonial 2

Thanks to Connect Tech’s marketing specialists, our business gained more visibility across the internet and reached more clients. With a tailored marketing strategy we were able to reach our goals and take our business to the next level.

Testimonial 3

Finding great developers for our team was a huge challenge until we contacted Connect Tech. Its team of specialists were able to provide the solution we were looking for at a competitive rate so we obtained our expected result while saving resources.

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