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Software development refers to a set of computer activities that are solely dedicated to helping with the process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software many types of software. Connect Tech is a company that offers various technological solutions for companies looking for guidance and support regarding technological problems. Besides software development services, we also offer marketing, infrastructure, and security services. Our main objective is to help you obtain solutions for your tech-related issues.

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As Software Developer in Dubai, we develop various softwares

However, software itself is the set of instructions given by a program that tells the electronic device what to do. Software is completely independent and it is what makes computers programmable. There are 3 main types of software:

  • System software: It provides core functions to electronic devices such as operating systems, hardware management, utilities, disk management, and other operational necessities.
  • Programming software: It is considered as any tool given to programmers. Some examples of this type of software are compilers, text editors, linkers, debuggers, and other tools to create code.
  • Application software: It helps users perform tasks with their devices. Some examples of this include office productivity suites, media players, security programs, and data management software. The term “application” also refers to web and mobile applications used to shop online, socialize with other accounts, post pictures, etc.

Software development is done by programmers, software developers, and software engineers. Programmers write source code to program computers to do specific tasks. Some of these tasks involve processing online orders, merging databases, conducting searches, displaying text and graphics, and routing communications.

Moreover, software engineers solve problems by applying engineering principles to build software and systems. Furthermore, they use modeling language and other tools to create solutions that solve general problems instead of solving for a specific instance or client.

Lastly, software developers, unlike software engineers, have a less formal role, being closely involved with specific project areas (including writing code). Moreover, they drive the overall software development lifecycle. This includes working to transform requirements into features, conducting software testing and maintenance, and managing development teams and processes.

Benefits of Custom software Development from the best software companies in UAE

1. Promote your business

Developing custom software for your company helps it reach new heights in the technological market. Developing a custom application or webpage allows you to promote your brand, enabling it to be visible for everyone and almost anywhere through an electronic device such as a phone or a computer.

2. Direct communication with your customers that improve sales and services

Web development allows companies to connect with their customer through direct communication thanks to a webpage. This is considered one of the fastest ways of increasing brand awareness.

Furthermore, having direct communication with your clients allows you to know their opinion through an online platform that let customers reach out and share their opinion about your products and services. Consequently, this lets you know how your customers think about your brand and products.

Development for companies Connect Tech
3. Helps marketing your business

Software development can help you apply on-the-go marketing for your company. This marketing allows you to promote your product/service at any place without spending extra money or time. An application or webpage allows customers to reach out to your company from any part of the world.

What services do Connect Tech offer regarding software development?

Connect Tech offers many software development-related services. These services include mobile application development, MVP development, and Web app development and design:

  • Mobile application development: It refers to creating software applications that run on a mobile device
  • MVP (minimum viable product) development: It refers to a technique in which a new product/website has enough features to satisfy the program’s early adopters once it is developed.
  • Web app development and design: As implied by its name, it is the task of creating and designing a web app that is built so that the user interface provides data back to the development team that designed it.

Why choose our web development services?

We are a group of tech and IT professionals with more than a decade of expertise offering world-class web development services. In addition, we have worked with all-sized businesses, from start-ups to large corporations. When you work with us, you can take advantage of our collective knowledge and expertise to contribute appropriate capabilities to your different projects as well as receive guidance and support regarding tech issues.

In Connect Tech we offer you the best customizable, variable service choices to accommodate a variety of budgets and demands, whether you are looking to start developing software on your own at all times or looking for a reputable software development provider for your company.

If you are looking for the best technology partner, feel free to contact us at any time; this way we can start working side-by-side with you and your business as soon as possible. Project right away!

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    Question about Top Software companies in Dubai

    One of the most frequently asked questions when performing software development services is the duration time.

    This time may vary depending on the product and its purpose.

    However, in general, custom software development can last between 4 and 9 months.

    And while it may seem like a long time, well-designed custom software requires careful engineering to ensure stability.

    You can divide the process of making a software project the following way:

    2.1 The Discovery Phase

    This phase usually lasts from 2 to 4 weeks and focuses, above all, on the design of the product. This phase teaches people who want to offer software development services a clear vision of what to build and how to build it.

    2.2 The Development Phase

    This stage can last from 3 to 6 months and the presence of a project manager is necessary to keep the engineering team organized and working.

    In addition, you are going to need different professionals in the area to carry out the work.

    For example, you are going to need Technical Architects to design the framework, Software Developers to write the code, and Designers to help with the user interface.

    2.3 The compliance phase

    This last stage of custom software development can last from 3 to 6 weeks.

    This phase involves the testing and comparing of the product to ensure its usability and coding standards.

    The tests for your Custom Software may vary, but they should all do the following:

    • A coding review:

    This ensures that the code has been written correctly, to allow its growth and extensibility.

    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT):

    It is a thorough test by the client to ensure that the final product meets the initial requirements.

    • End-to-end testing:

    This means using all the features of the software project as if you were the end-user. In this way, you can check that all the features work cohesively.

    Nowadays technology is advancing rapidly, which means a constant change in technological trends. Some of the new trends in software development are the following:

    1.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial Intelligence has been a top trending Software Development in Dubai for many years, due to its multiple uses and the effects it has on people’s lives.

    AI is known for its navigation apps, image and speech recognition, ride-sharing apps, personal assistant smartphones, etc.

    Software Development Companies also use AI to decipher changes in customer behavior, predict demand for certain services, and make better decisions about resource utilization.

    1.2 Blockchains

    Although most people associate the Blockchain with cryptocurrencies, it is also a security network widely used by Software Development Companies.

    The term “chain” suggests that you make a chain of information and what you put here cannot be changed. It is what makes it so safe.

    1.3 Robotic Process Automation

    Like AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is another technology that automates jobs.

    RPA uses software development services to automate processes such as dealing with data, interpreting applications, processing transactions and even replying to emails.

    1.4 Virtual Reality (VR)

    Virtual Reality technology allows the user to immerse in a specific environment.

    Although it has been used mostly for video games, it also has functions in the training software development of the Army, Navy, and Coast Guard ship captains.

    1.5 Internet of things (IoT)

    Another promise in technology is the Internet of Things.

    You can create multiple things through Wi-Fi networks and these can connect to the internet and each other.

    The IoT is the future and it already has many functions, such as home appliances, enable devices, and cars.

    The process for every Software Project requires a series of steps to complete.

    This process is called the “Software Development Cycle” and is divided into six parts.

    Each step of this process is directly related to the next, thus maintaining a connection between each step and the Software Development agency team.

    The stages of Software Application Development are the following:

    6.1 Analysis and gathering of requirements:

    Before the system development software team can start brainstorming their project, they must first gather the business requirements.

    This phase is where the following questions appear:

    • Who is going to use this software?
    • What should be the data output by this software?
    • How will the software be used upon completion?
    • What data should we add to the software?

    Once these questions are answered, developers already have a clearer idea of ​​the software they want to create.

    6.2 Design

    The next step is to bring the design draft to reality, the design system takes care of the hardware specifications and general system requirements.

    It also helps with establishing the entire system in the software architecture.

    6.3 Coding

    After receiving the design documentation, the next step is to divide that information into various units.

    Here, the formation of the code begins, the longest process for developers.

    6.4 Testing

    This step is crucial for developers, if there are any errors in the tasting stage or the codes that could mean creating the codes again.

    In this phase, all variants of functional testing such as system testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, unit testing, and non-functional testing are ready.

    6.5 Deployment Stage

    After fixing all the errors that appeared in the testing stage, the next step is the deployment stage.

    The final code is implemented into the software and delivered to the client for use.

    Once the product has been delivered, the best software development companies recommend ensuring the work by performing a beta test.

    In this way, the team can fix a previously unseen bug quickly and efficiently.

    6.6 Maintenance

    Once the client starts using your software and uses it for a while, it is normal if certain issues start to appear.

    The process of fixing these particular flaws is called Maintenance and is intended for the final product or software.

    For a Software Developer, documentation is extremely important.

    Having your documentation in order will help you keep your application organized and will improve the quality of the product.

    Also, successful documentation in Software Development Consulting will make information more accessible, help your customers learn faster, and simplify costs.

    Generally, the documentation focuses on the following aspects of Software Development Services:

    4.1 Server Environments

    Detailed information about an application and its environments will help you demonstrate the locations and functions that drive your software.

    Some things that must be specified in your server environments are the following:

    • Server Name
    • IP
    • URL to address
    • Application Name/Version
    • Operating System
    • User account information
    • Code directory
    4.2 Business Rules:

    This information helps the team to adapt more quickly and efficiently. This aspect provides information on how the product works and why.

    4.3 Database

    The information in the database is of utmost importance for software development management.

    You will need this documentation when reverting, sharing, porting, migrating, etc.

    When providing software development services, it is necessary to know the server information, the type of database, the data model diagram, and the version.

    4.4 Code

    Code documentation is the backbone of every application.

    You can divide this information into the following parts:

    • Comment Blocks: This is the most useful for Software Development Consulting, you can find it in each method, parameter, possible errors, and file explaining classes.
    • Specific file documentation: This is usually created by a third-party script that will parse a file and according to the comment blocks, it will create a PDF.
    • Code repository: This is where the updated files are located and where the out-of-date files need to be moved.
        4.5 Application Installation

    The documents related to the installation and configuration of the app are very helpful when Software Developers need to create a new or additional application environment.

    If possible, this documentation should be easy to read so that anyone can follow the steps and install the application.

    4.6 Troubleshooting

    This documentation is used when there are any production issues.

    Most issues should have bugs in the code that will help you with troubleshooting.

    This document must also bring with it a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to resolve from the most general problem to the most specific.

    The world advances every day in many aspects, and technology is not far behind. The Software Development Companies see opportunities for growth in certain areas, for example:

    3.1 Working Remotely

    The ease and freedom to work anytime, anywhere will definitely be permanent for software development engineers.

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, people were forced to look for alternatives to continue working, this is where remote work was born.

    Also, some studies suggest that semi-attendance will also be permanent in Software Development Companies.

    3.2 Cross-Platform Development

    With the limitations that some devices have being Android, Apple, or Windows, the app development software companies are exploring cross-platform development.

    As technology advances, cross-platform development will be able to handle different platforms with the same code base, thus reducing the need for additional engineering resources.

    In other words, cross-platform development will be of great economic importance, as it will save the app development software companies or the web development software companies a lot of time and resources.

    3.3 Cybersecurity

    With the world advancing towards an interconnected era, software development companies need to reinforce their Cybersecurity.

    Threats on the Interweb are costing the big Software companies millions.

    For this reason, they must abandon outdated cyber defense strategies, such as anti-virus and firewalls, and find new ways to defend against cyber-attacks.

    Defining what a change is when working, is quite easy, and usually means taking a different direction than what was agreed upon at the beginning of the custom software development.

    These changes can apply in some phases of software application development, for example:

    • Approved UI and UX designs
    • Project Timeline
    • Business requirements established by the client
    • The scope of the custom software development

    Everything mentioned above refers to various phases of software application development and those responsible for them (account managers, developers, business analysts, and designers)

    In order to understand the impact of the change, it must first be classified as one and the Project Managers must take the position of Change managers.

    Before proceeding with the implementation of the change, you must obtain the approval of everyone involved in the project.

    Once approved and defined as a valuable decision (by the project team, the client, or some other stakeholder) here are some actions to take into account:

    • Establishes how and which parts of the project will be affected by the change
    • Define what the impact of the change will be, taking into account the project timeline (if necessary you should ask for an extension), the pricing (you should communicate it to the shareholders), and the scope (there are some features that you can remove or add to the new version)

    After the change is approved and implemented, the next step is to address the change in the hands of a proper project manager.

    Remember that good proper task management and marking the tickets correctly will help you maintain the order of the change and its impact.

    5.1 Important to realize

    Changes are inevitable and you cannot do anything about it.

    The best thing you can do is take on the situation calmly and intelligently, trust yourself and your team’s skills to do a job they are proud of.