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In Connect Tech we provide IT Services to help businesses improve their productivity thanks to our experts in IT, marketing, security and software development.

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We provide IT services and all end-to-end IT solution and marketing service to help your business grow and have a better management of its operations. With our full suite of services, we can provide a customized approach to our clients.

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We manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure, online marketing strategy and we development so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our goal is to deliver demonstrable results thanks to our unmatched expertise and capabilities.

In Connect Tech we understand each client has its own requirements, so you can adapt our service according to your unique needs. Get access to the latest technology and resources to ensure success in your operations. Improve your business efficiency and add strategic value with our support.

Cloud Solution

We at Connect Tech strive to help small and mid-sized businesses succeed by implementing a solid cloud computing strategy. Begin to see the cloud as the ideal IT solution for growing your business and improving the efficiency of your operations.

Cyber Security

One of the main factors that you must take into consideration when operating a business is getting protection. In the technology world, investors and company owners can find plenty of threats that can significantly harm their businesses. The most common threats are cyber-attacks from hackers, who can be from any country since there are no borders on the web.

MVP Development

As you may know, MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, which basically means creating a simple and functional app. In other words, MVP Development is about developing apps quickly but making sure they are capable of working successfully. And they must include all necessary features in order to help customers have an excellent experience while using the apps.

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Cloud services are a wide variety of amenities provided to companies and individuals. These services are designed to offer easy security solutions to applications and resources without needing internal infrastructure or hardware. Amenities can include cloud network, cloud backup, cloud migration, cloud hosting solutions, iCloud plans, and cloud storage.

Management of cloud security services in the UAE is under cloud computing vendors. These providers offer their servers a more secure cloud hosting experience. With cloud protection, your information will be secure against any threat. It is easy to adopt cloud services in Dubai. Ultimately, you just have to select the best option that suits your company’s needs.

Software development is the process of constructing, scheming, positioning, and supporting software. This software comprehends a set of programs that will tell a computer what to do. It is completely independent of hardware and is in charge of making computers programmable.

This service includes programming software to give programmers the tools they need to create codes, system software that offers core functions to manage and operate hardware, and app development services to help users perform tasks.

Digital marketing is the process of advertising goods or services through digital channels. These mediums usually are websites, search engines, social media, mobile apps, and email. Digital marketing services in Dubai usually provide inbound marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

Brand promotion should be the main objective once your company is established, therefore, hiring a marketing agency to boost your promotion in the digital world is very important. As a result, marketers can collect essential insight about their audience while creating new approaches to customer engagement.

One of the most popular types of IT outsourcing is project-based outsourcing or software development outsourcing which means a company will provide the information about a certain assignment to the outsourcer and they will develop, test, and manage the project.

Other types of outsourcing are out staffing or body leasing, a practice where a company buys time of employees from an outsourcer agency. And also an offshore office which is opening a Research and Development Office in another country, hiring local professionals to work for them.

This is a service provided to determine how efficiently a corporation is maintaining security protocols and development processes, guiding through improvement. IT auditing services support organizations to improve their internal controls and to achieve their IT objective while meeting any expectations.

These services help companies understand their technology risks and how they are minimizing and controlling those risks. In short, IT auditors are in charge of ensuring that an organization’s systems and infrastructure is running as smoothly as possible.

Software development companies in the UAE and all over the world use different development methodologies. The most common of them are:

  • Agile Development Practice: teams use it to minimize risks such as bugs, changing requirements, and costs overruns when adding new functions.
  • DevOps Deployment Methodology: it is a set of practices that supports an organizational culture. It focuses on structural change. Increasing collaborations between the departments responsible for different segments of the development cycle.
  • Waterfall Development Method: it is the most traditional software development method there is. It consists of a linear model with sequential phases that focus on distinct objectives.
  • Rapid Application Development: it is a high-quality system that allows developers to shift and adjust any requirements in no time. Subsequently, reducing the investment cost for the clients.

Cybersecurity is usually concerned about threats coming from the outside, it deals with securing data located in the storage and transit of a device. On the other hand, network architectures are in charge of protecting the system from danger coming from the inside. Both areas work together to provide maximum security.

Network architecture worries about maintaining the fortification of IDs and passwords, internet access, home firewall, encryption, scans for attackers, and backups data. While cybersecurity focuses on network protection, identifying attack sources, monitoring applications, searching information about how hackers are improving the threat efforts, and more. In short, it protects any device from real-time cyberattacks.

Software development companies are in constant search to provide the best services in the market. Meeting their client’s needs and always creating custom-made solutions for their necessities. Usually, it takes from four to twelve months to fully develop custom software. Sometimes it could take less, but it is always important to leave some open time to repair any problem.

It is difficult to tell in advance how long developing the software for a custom application will take. Nevertheless, our software development services in Dubai are the best in the industry and we will assure you that your project will be up and running in the less amount of time possible and with the highest quality in the market.

Mobile app development is the construction of software planned to run on mobile devices and optimized to benefit from their features and hardware. Mobile apps are an important part of every business, they can be used for barcode scanning, virtual reality, online shop, and more.

Furthermore, a mobile app development company in Dubai will provide services to help you add this incredible feature to your company. And having the right kind of support will allow you to maintain this app under maximum web security.

In today’s world, cybersecurity services provide many benefits to everyone. It is necessary to prevent attacks that can result in identity theft, extortion attempts, or losing personal information. For example, if you do not possess cloud service providers you could lose your family photos if your cloud account is attacked.

Everyone can benefit from having a good cybersecurity service, from hospitals, schools, recruiting companies, banks, universities, to financial service companies. The volume and sophistication of cyber attackers and threat techniques are rapidly growing. Consequently, securing the data from every central organization is imperative to maintain our information safeguarded.

After acquiring the services software development company in Dubai, the programmers will write source codes to program computers to conduct specific responsibilities such as processing online orders, routing communications, merging databases, displaying text or graphics, and searches. They typically interpret instructions from developers and engineers using C++ or Java languages.

Software engineers provide their knowledge to construct systems and software to resolve complications. Their software solutions adhere to the scientific technique and it is imperative to work in the real world. Software engineers must coordinate their work with the mechanical and electrical development of the product they are working on.

Software developers can work in specific areas of a project. They are in charge of the overall development of the software, including working to transform a client’s requirements into features, conducting software testing and maintenance, and managing other development processes.

If you do not know your target audience before starting a business, you do not have a social media strategy yet, or you do not have search engine optimization you need the support of a digital marketing agency in Dubai.

Additionally, digital marketing allows your company to have a global reach, it helps you build a strong customer base, establishes your brand image, and measures your results. These reasons specify the significance of acquiring digital marketing services, an option to help you develop your business.

There are many reasons why companies should acquire IT outsourcing services. For example, your company can save costs by outsourcing to a country with lower production rates. Also, you will have access to a wide range of talent from every corner of the world, reaching capable professionals that will provide you with the utmost services.

Besides, you can save time when partnering with an outsourcing agency, they will be in charge of finding the right candidates for a specific project. As a result, you will be able to work with new people and finish various projects in a shorter amount of time.

Acquiring network security services is imperative to protect your data and information, maintain your share data secure, and ensure safe access and network performance. It will also protect every system from cyber threats or any other danger.

A tailored network security solution will reduce the expenses and losses that could occur during a data breach or other security incidents. The main benefit will always be ensuring legitimate access to applications, digital business operations, digital systems, and delivery of products or services to customers.

Cybersecurity is a practice that protects networks, programs, and systems from any digital threat. Commonly known as Information Technology (IT) security, these measures are intended to combat attacks against networked systems and applications. Sometimes, these threats can originate from inside or outside of a corporation, nevertheless, cybersecurity services in the UAE will protect your company from any danger.

Having a strong cybersecurity strategy can offer protection against dangerous attacks created to access, alter, delete, destroy, or extort a company’s or an individual’s systems and delicate data. Ultimately, cybersecurity is also essential to prevent any threats that pretend to disable or disrupt a device’s operations.

The main difference between them is that web developers work developing websites and web applications that function on internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, or Google Chrome. On the other hand, software developers work on developing computer programs and applications that can be installed on desktop or mobile devices.

Web development usually has to do with providing services to companies that assure that their websites and other web applications are running smoothly. Web developers are in charge of making sure that a client’s website is user-friendly, efficient, and visually appealing. On the other hand, software development services are focused on the company’s operating system and mobile app development.

Learning to develop is a necessary skill for anyone looking for a job opportunity inside a good company. Software developers are creative, they build, manage, and enhance computer programs and applications that run on electronic devices. Generally, they are in charge of testing codes for new apps, outlining nee software, documenting every step of the process and its outcomes, and more.

In the same vein, web developers are quick to offer their solutions to any company. They are in charge of maintaining their projects, taking care of the website or web application performance, and making sure that users have a positive browsing experience. Learning development could be very beneficial for individuals looking to increase their incomes.

Development services emphasize different aspects of a website such as coding, programming, writing, web design, database management, and more. There are three types of web development services that specify different groups of aspects.

Front-end web development works on the feel of a website or service. These developers create logos, icons, colors, images, and any other related content on a website. They are in charge of making sure that the website displays correctly when it is opened on every type of digital device.

Back-end web development is a service that creates the structure of the website, including writing codes to execute tasks and updating these codes when necessary. These developers usually use Java, MySQL, Python, Golang, and PHP as main languages for coding.

Full-stack development covers both front and back-end development of a website. This is a full service that covers website design, coding, optimization of the interface, and connecting a website securely to the servers. They work closely with companies to make sure that their requirements are fulfilled.