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Security & Hosting Solutions

Connect Tech offers the best Security & Hosting Solutions for your business

Our experience allows us to provide our customers with many services in order to fulfill their needs. With our services, we can help them to:

Reduce operational risks by providing excellent security systems and methods.

Get an automatic installation of software updates and enhancements.

Access their data easily and without hassles on a 24/7 basis.

Reduce costs significantly by eliminating software, hardware, and maintenance expenses.

Cybersecurity and Hosting Connect Tech
Security & Hosting Solutions

About some of our services

Connect Tech counts on a managed data center that is a certified location that reflects the best and highest standards in the sector. Besides, it has demonstrated to have strong controls as well as safeguards when hosting/processing customers’ data.

Our servers use the most effective security strategies to provide the best protection for both the servers and our customers’ data. And it includes different security controls, such as 20+ character passwords, login audit enabled servers, access prevention for foreign documents, etc.

We can provide our customers with a user interface layer of security in order to protect their data effectively. And the software uses multi-layer security within the application. Due to this security method, it is possible to restrict users from accessing information within the customer data set.

By requesting our many services, you will be able to get the most efficient Security and Hosting Solutions for your business. Connect Tech will make sure you obtain the best results to benefit your company and improve its protection systems.

As you can see, we can provide you with many different types of security and hosting services. But besides the ones that we previously mentioned, you can also request other effective services and solutions for your business. For example, our team can offer you the best-managed backup and disaster recovery services to back up and archive your data.

Our managed data center will take over the responsibility for completing these processes without failure to ensure an excellent outcome. And managed backup uses a software client on each server and the data is encrypted and compressed on the volumes to complete the backup procedure. After that process, it is sent to the backup server.

The system completes this process every night to make sure your data is safe. On the other hand, our managed data center counts on efficient infrastructure and procedures for carrying out our services. As a result, we can ensure a high level of availability and a very low possibility of interruption. To summarize, contacting Connect Tech and requesting our services and solutions will be favorable for your business.