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Why online/digital marketing is so effective for your business

digital marketing

We refer to online marketing when we talk about the tools and methods that you use to promote your services and products through the internet. And for how much everyone depends on technology, digital marketing is a must if you want your product to become known. That is why it is important and necessary to know about it to enhance your product or service.

In this article, we´ll tell you the basics of online/digital marketing and give you some tips. We´ll talk about:

1-What is online marketing?

2-Benefits of online/digital marketing

3-Online marketing categories

4-Tips for online marketing

5-How can Connectech help you with your online/digital marketing?

1-What is online marketing?

Also known as digital marketing, it is methods you use to make your product/service more known through the internet. In other words, it’s a way to make your business more famous. This is made by spreading information about your company´s brand, services, and products. It´s usually made to address a specific type of audience.

Some usual methods and techniques used for it are email, social media advertising, search engine optimization, Google AdWords, etc. Their main objective is to reach any potential customers through said methods to interact with them.

Online marketing uses digital mediums so they can get new customers, make them engage, and convert visitors into new consumers. This has generated more opportunities for businesses to engage at an online level, and generate new channels for it.

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. Before digital marketing, it was too costly and difficult to promote and market a product or service. That´s because the methods used for it weren´t well suited for businesses. However, nowadays, any company can participate in online marketing at no cost, therefore, companies benefit from it by building an online presence.

 2-Benefits of online/digital marketing

As said before, online marketing has become commonplace for companies. There are a lot of ways companies can benefit from it. Some of them are:


Everyone can access the internet pretty easily thanks to telephones, computers, and other devices. Therefore, it makes digital marketing convenient for companies who are trying to endorse their product. In addition to this, online marketing can reach markets and individual customers everywhere across the world. Thanks to this, it also reduces the transportation cost for any purchased goods.

Low cost

As mentioned before, traditional marketing can be really expensive, online marketing on the other hand isn´t. With traditional marketing, it can be costly to use methods like newspaper, radio, or TV advertising. However, with digital marketing, you can advertise more cheaply in other media, like websites or social media.

In addition to this, thanks to the internet, you can ease communication with the customer, contrary to old methods. For example, you can send information via email instead of a mail-out (saving money on printing, paper, and postage).

Measure and track results

There are various tools on the internet you can use to track the results of any advertising campaign. With them, you can graph your progress with detailed information and illustrate it. Tracking and quantifying the effort of the company in an efficient way.

This allows you to have an idea of how well the campaign is doing. Essentially, it enables the business to figure out how to increase its traffic, leads, and sales. Without it, there would be complications when modifying it so it can see better results.

Demographic targeting

With online marketing, you can target any specific audience based on where you want to direct your service. You can also target audiences based on demography. As a result, this allows you to focus your efforts on that specific audience and put emphasis on their feedback.

To put it simply, demographic targeting allows you to aim your service/product towards specific customers. That way you can direct it to a place where it can be sold more.

Global marketing

With traditional marketing is difficult to market the product globally, more steps are required to do it. On the contrary, with online marketing, you can do it more easily. You can reach any geographical region where there is an internet connection. You can reach countries all over the world whenever you want (on a 24/7 basis).

Data collection for personalization

Whenever a transaction is made on the internet, you can collect data, more specifically, a customer´s data. Your business uses that data to send them other ads or promotions that might interest them based on their interests. The data obtained from the customer are things like their age, gender, location, or viewed products.

There are a lot of ways to obtain data, for example, the customer’s profile or their behavior on the website. In addition to this, you can also get it with various tools and software on the internet.

With this, customers get what they want in less time than usual since the ads are based on their interests.

Ability to modify and amend your marketing campaigns

It is easier to change something in your campaign to optimize it with online marketing, compared to traditional marketing. You can modify it simply without worrying about downtime or interrupting the service.

3-Online marketing categories

There are 5 main categories of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a practice designed to improve the position of your web in the search results. A good SEO is important to increase how many potential customers your website has. An organic search is the most noticeable way for people to discover your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on the other hand, is exactly the same as SEO but paid. Therefore, because they´re paid, they appear at the top of and on the side of search engine results.

Content marketing

Content marketing refers to a strategy in where your approach is fixated on creating content to attract a defined audience. This is made by distributing content considered useful to the audience, like email, videos, or social media posts.

With the consistent use of content marketing, you establish a good relationship with your customers. In addition to this, when done right it shows that the customers are taken into account.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing, as its name implies, is the use of social media to interact with your audience. With it, you can build your brand, increase your sales, and conduct website traffic.

Putting it simply, it’s when you use the company´s social media profiles to engage with your followers. It’s done by Publishing content, analyzing the results, and running social media advertisements.

Some examples of social media are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Affiliate marketing

In simple words, affiliate marketing is when you promote another product and get paid by its company/creator for each sale.

It can be described with a simple 4-step process:

  • The publisher partners with the advertiser.
  • The publisher promotes to the customer.
  • The customer buys from the publisher.
  • The advertiser pays the publisher.

Email marketing

By email marketing, we mean when you send a commercial email to your customers. They are known as email subscribers when they sign up to your email and give permission to receive them. The commercial emails are used to inform and drive sales like SMM.

There are 2 types of marketing emails, promotional and informational emails.

4-Tips for online marketing

Know your clients and how to get to them

When you´re trying to sell a service or product, you need to know which audience is your product directed to. You can direct your product towards various demographics, like gender, age, or geographical areas. If you don’t direct your product towards the correct audience, you will lose potential sales.

To do it, you need to research the market, either by yourself or with an online marketing company. Once you do it, you need to find out how to target them and make your product reach them.

Optimize your website

When you optimize your website, you make search engines able to find and rank them. Optimize it to make sure your website appears among the firsts options when a customer looks for a product in the same category as yours. Like the previous tip, you can do it yourself or hire a company to do it for you.

Write blogs

In addition to the last tip, you can write blogs to help your business or website. If you do long blogs with many keywords as well as rich content, you make your website appear higher on the search results. It also adds value for your customers, nurturing them and answering their questions with it.

Google AdWords

We already mentioned SEO and SEM, so it´s the same for this tip. You can pay to run advertisements on Google. That makes it so your website appears at the top of the page, taking up to the 4 first positions. Thanks to that, your website can be found among the first results people see and consequently, get more clicks.

Google AdWords can be more difficult than they seem, because of their multiple settings. They give your ad a score based on various factors and determines its position.


One of the most important things you need to remember for your ad with online marketing is congruence. We refer to congruence when your ad and landing pages look alike and have the same message. That’ll make customers feel that they´re on the right track to get what they want. If they´re not similar, you will confuse your clients, and they´ll exit the website.

Update your website and renew the content

Website design is evolving at a pretty quick pace, making it important to be up-to-date with current trends. With this, you´ll compete in online marketing with your website. Old websites can turn customers away, making them leave for a website that’s more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to updating your website, you need to update the website´s information as well. Keeping your information fresh allows you to maintain your website´s ranking, either by adding or changing content. It gives search engines a reason to keep ranking the website, and potential customers coming back to it. Contrary to this, stagnant information can hurt your website’s ranking.

Have an attractive and dynamic web design

An attractive website engages customers and improves users’ experience. Making your site easy to navigate and dynamic allows clients to find what they´re looking for. In addition to this, it builds trust with your clients, making them recurrent customers.

Web pop-ups

A website pop-up allows you to get a customer’s data (like age, gender, email, geographical region, etc.). Later, you can use said information to improve your website.

Incorporate social media and boost posts

As mentioned before, social media marketing it’s a digital marketing strategy where you use social media to interact with your audience. This is a must nowadays for your company since it lets you gain followers in those accounts. Once the customers follow the company´s account you can reach them with other strategies like boost posts.

Boosting your posts allows you to reach your audience, allowing your content to be seen by them. Additionally, it increases engagement and helps your product/service by promoting it.

5-How can Connectech help you with your online/digital marketing?

Online marketing is essential to promote a product or service worldwide. It can be cheaper and easier than traditional marketing thanks to the several strategies it has. However, keeping your website up-to-date, refreshing your information, and making sure your website appears at the top of search results can be difficult.

That’s why there is no one better than Connectech to help you with just that. With over 20 years of experience on the market (including digital marketing), Connectech is the best partner you could choose. Let us work with you, and help you promote your service or product globally through the internet.

Do you want to contact Connectech to know more about online/digital marketing? If you have any questions, feel free to call us on +97143316688. Or contact us via email at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer your questions.

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