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What is the future of web development?

web development

That technology advances fast, is no secret, which makes it very important to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of web development. To stop learning means to stay stuck in something that in a few years will be almost obsolete or simply will not be effective. This makes many people wonder where the future of web development software is going.

In this article, we will discuss in-depth the trends and practices that experts believe will become the future of it. It is important to keep in mind that in this case, we are not referring to trends in the marketing world, but to those things that developers learning and that in some time will end up becoming the standard in web development. Let us see:

  1. What will the future hold for web development?
  2. Why is it important to be aware of new technologies for the future?
  3. Why blockchain could change web development forever?
  4. Which programming methods are part of this future?
  5. What can a web development company in Dubai offer?
  6. Why do some of these web development trends emerge?
  7. What things should you take into account when paying for web development?
  8. What recommendations can we give you at Connect Tech so you do not get left behind?

1. What will the future hold for web development?

The current trend indicates that the entire future of web development services will be cloud-based. In this way, applications can remain available at all times.  In this way, they will become compatible with any device without having to install absolutely nothing on our devices.

More and more services and companies are taking advantage of the benefits provided by the cloud. This means that these developments will continue to improve. Subsequently, it is not surprising that the cloud will become a standard. In Dubai today, the vast majority of companies have already implemented cloud technology.

In addition to cloud services, the development of web applications on a single page continues to advance and improve. Being the frontend part of the development of a modern web application. Nowadays we can find a lot of examples of this.

On the other hand, many experts believe that development with frameworks will gradually replace web development services. This year has seen great growth in Javascript development. Also, web development frameworks for PHP, such as Symfony and Laravel, have become increasingly used in the development and the number of companies using them has been growing a lot.

1.1. What else does the future of web development hold?

Responsive web development has been a standard for some years now, but there are still many sites that are not responsive. Responsive web designs are already a standard and are the future of any website. It makes it important that it automatically adapts to the size of any device from which it takes place. This ensures that the user experience is always the best.

There also exist progressive web apps, also known as progressive web apps. These have had great growth since 2019 and their growth is not expected to slow down. Simply put, progressive web apps allow, through Javascript, any web page to be installable on any device.

Another trend that has arrived with great force is the trend that marks the separation between front and backend. Everything will no longer be mixed, but developers will be able to take charge of developing each part of the web app separately and in isolation. It seems that this will become one of the trends that will quickly become a standard among developers.

And finally, we have the development of RESTful APIs has become one of the most common web development today, microservices and web services. Like the rest of the above trends, this type of development has become one of the most common web development today.

2. Why is it important to be aware of new technologies for the future?

We must distinguish between technologies that we like and those that allow us to make a living as a developer. There exists an ecosystem to monetize that programming. It happened with mobile applications in the iPhone environment and it happens with voice interaction or the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Another relevant element involves how the platforms interact with each other. Even the way of communicating with devices has changed grossly, to the point of considering the camera as the way to communicate with the world, as in Instagram or Snapchat.

The world of the web has become much more technical. It holds that there exist platforms that let us create web applications without programming a single line of code. Development has been focused on coding and our guest insists again on the importance of JavaScript to improve our skills as programmers.

3. Why blockchain could change web development forever?

Those who have heard the word blockchain directly relate it to cryptocurrencies since this technology originated from Bitcoins. However, blockchain systems represent a revolution that can apply successfully in a large number of sectors and applications. Web development experts have already been working on the changes that this blockchain system will bring to the Internet.

The possibility of having a large database that includes a distributed database where everything gets stored in different immutable blocks, which nobody can modify, will open up a range of possibilities never explored before for trainers.

Ethereum, creators of the cryptocurrency Ether, makes it possible to create Smart contracts with self-contained pieces of code that can define the agreements between the two doors. All within the blockchain system.

4. Which programming methods are part of this future?

Javascript, Java, and Python keep dominating and enhancing web development. You do not even have to be a developer or have an idea about how to program to have heard the name of these three programming languages. All of them have become so popular and helpful that everyone has heard of them.

The Python community has given great support to machine learning, and the fact that many of the libraries used in Data Science are based on Phyton. Even Google has bet on TensorFlow, which has an API based on Python interfaces. This reinforces the strength that this language has in the current market, becoming one of the most requested by companies.

JavaScript continues to be one of the most used web ecosystems, having a smaller increase than other languages. But it has its frameworks such as Vue, React, and Angular. It is still one of the most convenient in web development.

Likewise, Java also continues to be one of the key languages in the development of large-scale applications, in addition to the fact that Big Data for the moment continues to rely on Java, as may be the case of technologies such as Kafka or Spark.

5. What can a web development company in Dubai offer?

Want to expand your digital expertise in Dubai? Choosing a web development Dubai partner for your business is an excellent option for your growth. Every business requires different services for its growth. Here are the various things that web development Dubai should offer to its clients.

Web development and design. Without a well-built and designed website, businesses cannot reach their audience online. Partnering with the right digital marketing solution helps businesses have an online presence. It will become impossible to get positioned if the website does not have an appealing and SEO-friendly layout. However, web design and development are necessary for a successful online strategy.

Search engines have become a powerful platform for companies to meet their potential customers. Today, a company cannot be successful if it cannot rank in search engines. Search engine optimization is one such method that helps companies gain visibility in search engines. You can quickly rank your website on search engines with the best web development company. You will get more traffic.

6. Why do some of these web development trends emerge?

In the last few years, the latest iOS and Android devices have gained in power and processing capacity, being comparable to many desktop and laptop computers. This has highlighted the trend that, along with the rise of internet connection from mobile devices, web design follows a mobile-first approach.

Therefore, many leading companies in the development of websites and online stores design their websites and mobile applications and program the associated user experience thinking first about mobile devices and then their adjustment to bigger displays and not the other way around. For this task, there is a multitude of frontend frameworks and documentation that facilitate the task.

But RWD is not just about user experience rules; since the beginning of this year, due to the latest Google engine updates, this approach had a significant impact on search results, penalizing sites that are not mobile-ready, and confirming the future of RWD.

6.1 What other design trends should be taken into account?

Following on from the previous point, we see that a multitude of websites and applications get designed to display on all kinds of different screens. In addition, the market has become dominated by very few mobile operating systems, so we see more and more popular and common design elements.

You have probably noticed the proliferation of themes and templates for popular content management systems such as WordPress that gradually mimic the fundamental aspects of the most common iOS and Android user interfaces.

This means that, on the one hand, websites will become increasingly similar to each other in user interface design elements; i.e. they will become standardized. And on the other hand, web designers will have to look for other methods and techniques to stand out, such as more original uses of color, transitions, and animations.

6.2 What is The semantic web?

Many of us already know what it is like to ask the assistant on our mobile device, whether it is Siri or Google’s search application, things like what is the weather going to make this afternoon? Or what is the capital of Azerbaijan? Or even what is the speed of sound?

And if we vocalize moderately well and have an Internet connection at the time, our devices will respond correctly. Today, most of us do this for fun, but in the future, it will become very important.

Google has long maintained that the most important thing has always been the content, and less and less the single words. This implies for developers and designers change the focus from copying and putting words together to fit search criteria to providing original and cutting-edge content.

7. What things should you take into account when paying for web development?

Thanks to the improvement of computers, machine learning, and search algorithms, the results of our searches will not rely on displaying a list of answers or meanings; but on much more accurate intuitions providing more elaborate and meaningful answers.

If you want to pay for web development, there are two ways: the first, and the one we recommend, is to hire an agency, which includes in its team all the professionals necessary for the development of your idea.

The other way, and sometimes more tempting due to economic criteria, consists of hiring agencies that perform outsourcing or externalization of this type of service. Nevertheless, this route can often lead to mistakes in communication, lack of knowledge of the latest advances in the industry, and extra hours in the management of the project.

8. What recommendations can we give you at Connect Tech so you do not get left behind?

New tendencies in web design lead us to a more consistent and standard way. In addition to being much more original, functional, and practical in which the development thinking first in mobile devices seems the best option for the future. Are you ready to follow it? On Connect Tech we always recommend you to keep learning about new technologies so that your company does not fall behind.

Did you find this information useful and would like to know more? Well, you do not have to go far, Connect Tech is your best source of information. You can call us at +971 43 316 688 or email us at Our operators are waiting for you!

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