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What is property management software? What does it do?

property management software

Currently, property management software represents a fundamental tool for the real estate sector. That is why it is important to know the characteristics of these systems, their usefulness, and benefits. Nowadays, property management software constitutes a fundamental tool for the real estate sector.

In this article, we will show you all that property software can do for you and your company. We will see that the benefits of owning specialized software like this go beyond what you imagine. We will also look at some interesting topics such as cloud management, but let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let us take a look:

  1. What is property software or property management software?
  2. How can it help you in your daily property sales/leasing tasks?
  3. What are the main benefits of real estate management software?
  4. How does the property management software operate?
  5. What is cloud management and how does it relate to programs and clouds like iCloud?
  6. Why do we at Connect Tech recommend the use of property management?

1. What is property software or property management software?

Technological advances allow organizations to manage an immense volume of data that can become valuable information. Property management software consists of a web or mobile application that allows the organization to efficiently manage its real estate on the Internet.

These programs cover many processes, from customer management to marketing. In this way, they allow better control of the business. The existence of property management software denotes a profound change.

In my resume, we say that property management software makes it easy for an organization to efficiently manage its real estate on the internet. These programs cover various processes, from user administration to marketing, and help in better control of the business.

The technological advances we have already mentioned help organizations manage an immense volume of data that can be transformed into important information. The existence of the programs denotes the profound change that has taken place in the previous years in the processing, hosting and communication of information in this area.

2. How can it help you in your daily property sales/leasing tasks?

These tools allow to efficiently manage the daily activities of property software. That explains why their implementation constitutes a competitive advantage and a factor that boosts the growth of the business.

One of the challenges for any company in the sector involves keeping up with the date the control of the furniture inventory and the publications of the website. This directly affects the systems, which will be simplified.

Similarly, since all customer information gets concentrated in one place, it is easier to access it for decision-making or negotiations. Moreover, the software can offer cybersecurity tools to keep all information safe. Another of the daily activities of a property company includes monitoring the results of the business and the visits to the website.

3. What are the main benefits of real estate management software?

Property management means the set of actions and procedures carried out by the real estate agency. This takes place with the purpose that potential buyers decide to acquire those properties that have been entrusted to the real estate company for their promotion and sale by the owners of the properties.

A property management software allows you to have the inventory and control of your properties at hand. This in turn allows a quick response capacity.  It also allows, among other operations: access to the information of the property, the property file and its location, the document manager, and the videos of the property.

In addition, many have an integrated web page, which is a real need for companies in the sector. Especially if the website adapts to their needs and responds to their expansion and growth plans.

A property website that places the featured properties on the first page of the catalog. And offers a list of properties with their respective information, videos, and location map as well as categorized properties. Is an invaluable advantage.

3.1 What other benefits can we find?

Although marketing consists of one and the same tactics and the same systems to study the market. In the real estate sector, it takes on other meanings. Property software uses marketing tools and reorients them to both property acquisition and property management.

For example, it allows you to send the property file by email, by WhatsApp, or share it on social networks. Another benefit has been CRM. This stands for Customer Relationship Management. These tools increase the productivity of a real estate agency. Since they allow to automate some of the company’s procedures.

By means of a CRM, it becomes possible to cross-reference clients with available properties. Assign clients to consultants, report contact with clients, or classify them by type or status, to mention just a few of the CRM functions.

4. How does property management software operate?

It is not a simple job. The functions of a real estate manager require deep knowledge. Not only of the market but also of the economic situation in general and of the prospects for the viability of the real estate business he is proposing to his clients.

For example, a real estate broker can detect undeveloped land or development for sale with good marketing prospects. For this, he not only needs to know the land but also to have all the information to carefully analyze the entire operation.

However, we often talk about large real estate companies. There are also many companies in the industry that could be defined. In these smaller companies, the property software functions are broader and encompass both owners of investment portfolios. And those just looking to flip or rent their homes.

Indeed, real estate management demands a broad understanding of the economic environment. The market in general, and the viability of the business offered to the client. That is why having an automated system for real estate enables you to stay ahead of the curve and become more competitive. We are not exaggerating when we talk about the wonders of real estate property management software.

4.1 Which are the main or most relevant functions of the property management software?

Property management. Technological innovations have gradually arrived in the real estate sector. Web portals allowed interested parties to view photographs of properties and obtain general information about them.  Nowadays, property management goes much further. Thanks to property software it is possible to manage an unlimited number of properties.

As if that were not enough, these systems are real document managers because they allow quick access to the private files of the property. Like contracts, invoices, copies, and bank notes, among others. Among the management functions is also the sending of e-mails with information about the property and, of course, the possibility of publishing on social networks.

Real Estate CRM. One of the needs of a real estate agency is to concentrate the information about customers and properties in one place. In the same way, in the day to day of a real estate company, the report of the contacts with the clients can be decisive to make decisions. This function of the property management software optimizes and increases the productivity of the business.

Digital marketing. For a real estate company to differentiate itself from the competition, it must use all the resources offered by new technologies to its benefit. Among the most important functions of the real estate management systems is the possibility of carrying out some actions related to digital marketing. The key to success in the real estate business, as in any commercial activity, is communication between the company and its clients.

4.2 What other important functions do property management software have?

Property management software also provides open communication with your real estate agents: assignment and follow-up. The work rhythm of a real estate agency requires having at any time a directory of your real estate consultants. In order to assign properties or to follow up on the activities carried out by them.

By means of a real estate management program, it becomes possible for each agent to have, through separate accounts, a user and password for the management of clients, but under the supervision of an administrator. 

Property management software gives us the personalization of the software and the web page. No two agencies look alike. Therefore, in addition to the possibility of changing the name, the contact details, or the domain on the website provided by the real estate management software. It becomes essential to give an identity to that website.

5. What is cloud management and how does it relate to programs and clouds like iCloud?

Cloud management refers to the way administrators control and organize all the products and services running in a cloud. Things like access and user control, data, applications, and services. It involves giving administrators the ability to access the resources they need. Automate the processes they want, and make the adjustments they require while keeping an eye on usage and costs.

It also encompasses how property management software maintains flexibility and adjustability while quickly adapting to change. Cloud management tools allow administrators to oversee any type of cloud (public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud) and its activities, from resource deployment and usage tracking to data integration, Kubernetes, and disaster recovery.

In addition, they provide administrative control of property management software and infrastructure, platforms, applications, cloud providers and the resources they offer, and the data that makes up the cloud.

For example, when you set up iCloud, you automatically get cloud storage. You can use that space to make iCloud backups, store photos and videos in Photos, and keep documents up to date. This describes what iCloud storage management is all about.

5.1 How does cloud management work?

Typically, cloud management software is deployed in today’s cloud environments as a virtual machine (VM) containing a database and a server. The server communicates with application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect the database and the virtual, cloud, or container resources that support and interact within the cloud.

The database collects information about the performance of the virtual or cloud infrastructure. And sends analytics to a web interface where cloud administrators can view and evaluate its performance. In turn, administrators can relay commands back to the cloud, the execution of which depends on the virtual server.

That interconnectivity depends on the technology that probably remains the most underappreciated of all: the operating system (OS). Which not only controls all the different technologies that make up clouds, but also implements the tools that allow them to manage them. Such an OS must work with any cloud you use, no matter how special it is.

6. Why do we at Connect Tech recommend the use of property management?

Technological advances have determined a new way of managing property. Online publication of properties has become possible, as well as the incorporation of social networks and new media. The various functions of property management software optimize the processes of renting, buying, and selling real estate.

This allows more satisfied customers to drive business development until the company’s goals come to fruition. If you want to boost your business and you wonder what kind of investment is the most appropriate, on Connect Tech we can guide you about the convenience of this software development management.

The world of real estate management software may not be something new, but it is necessary for those companies that require it. On Connect Tech we offer you the information you need to implement your own real estate management software. For more information please contact us at +971 43 316 688 or leave us a message at

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