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What are the objectives of cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity has a significant role to play in nowadays’ world. We can all become victims of cyber-attacks and most of us will not even realize it when it happens, there exist cases where the losses will be insignificant, but there are cases where the damages are greater, and even companies end up disappearing because of it.

In this article, we will share with you the objectives of cybersecurity solutions. In addition, we will see how they can benefit your company by protecting it from cyber-attacks. Let us get started:

  1. How does cybersecurity protect us from cyber-attacks?
  2. What types of cybersecurity are there that we can apply?
  3. Which are the biggest threats to cybersecurity?
  4. What services does a cybersecurity firm offer?
  5. Why should you consider hiring a cybersecurity company?
  6. Why cybersecurity elements should be taken into account?
  7. Which are security policies and why should we apply them in our company?
  8. Why should you have a cybersecurity strategy?

1. How does cybersecurity protect us from cyber-attacks?


Cybersecurity refers to the area of IT that is responsible for protecting the integrity of the computer infrastructure. This discipline relies on a series of measures and tools to achieve its objective. It can come in three phases that give us a global vision of how it works.

The first approach to cybersecurity services involves prevention. With this measure, we try to know the vulnerabilities of the operating systems we work with and the risks to which they expose us. Once the vulnerabilities have been identified, specific security measures need to take place. These measures can be the installation of antivirus, firewalls, secure networks (VPN), and other tools.

Since there are no measures that provide 100% protection, a plan must exist to locate and detect intrusions to reduce the damage they may cause. Among the actions carried out in this phase include vulnerability management and continuous monitoring of the systems.

The last phase relates to reaction. Any cybersecurity strategy must have an action plan to restore normal operation in the event of cyber-attacks. This comes about through the installation of backups and cleaning of systems to eliminate any danger.

2. What types of cybersecurity are there that we can apply?

Three types of cybersecurity services must run in tandem to provide the greatest protection. Hackers can invade operating systems in multiple ways. And blocking all access points is the best way to keep them out.

Cybersecurity and infrastructure security encompass actions aimed at maintaining control of access, security, and use of the network. All these use measures such as the installation of antivirus, firewalls, and the use of private networks (VPN).

In addition, protecting software plays an important role. As many intruders gain access to them through viruses and can steal information. Without the user realizing it. This part of IT can say that it is new, however, the development of more secure software gets better and better.

On the other hand, the greatest protection against cyber-attacks comes from hardware security. The installation of firewalls, proxy servers, and hardware security modules (HSMs) control access to systems. Combining the three types of IT security undoubtedly greatly reduces the risk of falling victim to any cyber-attack.

3. Which are the biggest threats to cybersecurity?

The arsenal of cybersecurity threats increases every day. Cyber-attacks constantly renew themselves to circumvent the obstacles that have arisen with the creation of better security barriers. Hackers can steal confidential information either to destroy it, make it public and cause disrepute or to withhold the information and ask for a financial reward for its release.

The main means used by hackers to access confidential information involves malware. These malicious software programs gain access to operating systems causing all kinds of problems. The most severe is ransomware which hijacks information and servers, encrypting access and demanding a reward for them.

Phishing constitutes another of the most common cyber-attacks and is causing great losses of money, both to companies and individuals. In this type of attack, cybercriminals pose as trustworthy people or companies. Making users provide them with confidential information such as bank details.

Cybersecurity has become important for everyone today, companies and individuals are increasingly under attack and worldwide economic losses are very high. If people know what the objective of cybersecurity means, they can be aware of the risks they expose themselves to daily and take the corresponding actions.

4. What services does a cybersecurity firm offer?

Cybersecurity firms should focus on protecting company data, reducing the risk of threats through preventive measures, as well as having action plans in case of attacks that perpetuate themselves. The main services that a cybersecurity company should offer start with developing strategies for information security.

Strategy development should focus on prevention, troubleshooting, and stipulating response protocols. They also provide 24/7 support for emergencies. Through continuous monitoring of the systems, attacks can get detected in real-time and thus react immediately to reduce their impact. Risk analysis and management: the objective of this service consists in detecting security flaws and weak points in the systems, taking the necessary actions, and reinforcing security in those points.

Also, develop new security projects. These companies must have professionals capable of developing new ways to protect data. Through the implementation of new tools and secure communication techniques. Data Loss Prevention or DPL. This helps to control the actions that users can take with the information. Either by allowing them to access and modify data or only to view it. Create backup copies: backup copies allow to restore the company’s operability in case of loss of sensitive information.

This includes copies of all systems and servers. And also training of users. Cybersecurity firms must train employees to ensure that they know how to use computer systems safely and responsibly, to prevent them from allowing accessed by cybercriminals due to carelessness or lack of knowledge.

5. Why should you consider hiring a cybersecurity company?


As mentioned above, computer attacks become very common and the losses they have caused cost millions of dollars. It becomes necessary to know what cybersecurity firms do and thus hire the necessary services for our company. Based on the available resources and the risks that we must take care of.

There exist those who decide to hire professionals who work exclusively for their company, to guarantee the security of their information. This happens in large organizations that have sufficient resources to maintain a cybersecurity department. However, small and medium-sized companies can rely on hiring the services of another company to take care of their security.

Both options remain valid, the important thing consists in being aware of the value of the data being handled and taking actions to protect it. When hiring cybersecurity services, it makes sense to make sure that you are hiring professionals capable of doing a good job, to reduce risks and security threats. Plus, make sure that they have a wide range of services, including security and hosting solutions.

5.1 What are the qualities of professionalS IN THE AREA?

Cybersecurity professionals must have received training in computer science, either a university degree in computer science or telecommunications or a basic course on the subject. Additionally, they must have advanced knowledge in cybersecurity, through the completion of a master’s or postgraduate degree.

A cybersecurity specialist must have sufficient knowledge of the different technological means such as servers and Smart Grid. They must also have full capacity for risk management and analysis, forensic analysis, malware analysis, and incident management (Incident Handling).

The profile that these specialists should have that makes them ideal to develop this profession include learning and analytical skills, the ability to work in a team or alone, being proactive and looking for innovation, as well as creativity, availability, and adaptability.

Computer security becomes everyone’s need, even ordinary people require basic socks and adopt good cybersecurity practices, as anyone can fall victim to cyber-attacks. However, especially businesses, organizations, and governments must invest more time and resources to protect their information, therefore they must know what a cybersecurity company does, to hire the services they need.

6. Why cybersecurity elements should be taken into account?

Application security. This refers to minimizing the possibilities of data theft at the application or program level and correcting and improving their security. Applications are one of the main factors that hackers attack. The cybersecurity of web and mobile applications is taking a lot of value nowadays, given the new threats and new forms of security solutions. That is why tools or platforms are being incorporated to help reduce risks in applications.

Network security/Wi-Fi security. With Wi-Fi security, different protocols have been created for the protection of wireless networks. Their main objective is the same, but they act with different levels of security, they are WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3. These protocols help your information to travel securely over the network, in other words, encrypted information, which travels through radio waves.

Information security. The main objective of information security is to protect company data. Cybersecurity seeks to ensure three fundamental aspects of information: confidentiality, availability, and integrity. For such details, it is always good to invest in cybersecurity and infrastructure security.

In order to carry out these actions, strategies must include the development of action policies for each of these cases. It will also require establishing the use of technologies, including security controls and all the processes that will take place to detect the risks to which the system may be exposed.

6.1 What can happen if I do NOt protect my Wi-Fi network and what risks am I exposed to?

An unauthorized person could connect to the Wi-Fi network without our permission, resulting in Bandwidth reduction due to downloading large multimedia files. The result is very uncomfortable or slow web browsing, even to the point of connecting us to the Internet.

The person connecting to the network could access corporate or confidential data (e.g. personal data on our card) and could cause serious problems. Without privacy, the person who has entered without permission through the insecurity itself could access personal files such as family data and videos, losing our total privacy.

The biggest risk is that the person uses the Wi-Fi network to commit crimes such as attacks on a company’s cloud estructure via the Wi-Fi network. This would harm us since we are in charge of the network and it is in our name.

7. Which are security policies and why should we apply them in our company?

It becomes necessary and important that each company has its own IT security policies and that its work team gets fully trained in them. IT security policies consist of the set of rules or protocols that must follow to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, availability, and authentication of information security in a company, with the main objective of minimizing risks.

Control policies. Physical access controls: doors, cameras, and alarms. Logical access controls: login systems in the different systems, remote access authorizations for users to the network through a VPN, etc.

Classification of information and information security incident management. Classification of information: information according to its value, legal requirements, sensitivity for the organization, and the measures for its protection according to its classification. Information security incident management: Instructions for incident notification, and incident response with actions to adopt when detected.

8. Why should you have a cybersecurity strategy?

In the connected world of today, everyone benefits from advanced cyber defense software. On an individual level, a cybersecurity attack can result in everything from identity theft to extortion attempts and the loss of important data, such as family photos. On Connect Tech, we rely on security infrastructure as well as power plants, hospitals, and financial services companies.

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