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What are the benefits of digital marketing services?

digital marketing services

In digital marketing, there are no big or small companies. All have the same opportunities by the mere fact of having access to the many tools available on the web. The accelerated growth of the technological world and digital communication has opened up a wide range of possibilities for each company.

In this article, we will see how implementing a digital marketing strategy becomes vital for any company, especially in these times where technology moves us even in the way we communicate and behave.

  1. What advantage does it give us economically compared to a common marketing campaign?
  2. What can we measure with digital marketing?
  3. How does it outperform common marketing in terms of adaptability?
  4. Why is digital marketing so dynamic and flexible?
  5. How does segmentation work and how does it help us to create better contact with the audience?
  6. What is branding and how to take advantage of it with digital marketing?
  7. How does it allow us to interact with customers and create a community?
  8. How can we take advantage of it to publish valuable content that is also long-lasting?
  9. What is the speed at which marketing solutions have evolved and what digital marketing solutions can we offer you at Connect Tech?

1. What advantage does it give us economically compared to a common marketing campaign?

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is relatively affordable in financial terms. Compared to traditional marketing channels such as television, radio, or print, for example, the strategies are much more cost-effective.

To begin with, in more traditional strategies the investment cost or starting point is usually much higher. While it is true that more and more resources are being invested in digital marketing, in no case can it be compared to traditional media campaigns

Secondly, the budgets of a digital marketing campaign are usually elastic and adjustable. Thus, they are within the reach of any company, even small and medium-sized ones. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, especially when it uses mass channels, involves high costs that only a few companies can afford.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, in a campaign of these characteristics everything is measurable and adjustable, and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to check whether the results are as intended or unexpected.

2. What can we measure with digital marketing?

When you carry out a digital marketing campaign, everything can be measured. You can know the impact of the strategy, what repercussion it has had, in which sectors, and even the return on investment (ROI). The results come in real-time and through user interactions, something that does not happen in conventional publicity.

Thanks to the tools that digital marketing cooperates with, we can quickly detect if our results or conversions drop and then we can act accordingly. The information is always measurable and available at any time. In addition, the collection of data and its correct interpretation allows us to make better decisions, but for that, it is essential to know what to look for.

When we have good measurement tools, we can often feel overwhelmed with all the information they offer us and lose focus. This is what web analytics warns us about when it stresses the importance of taking into account CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Thus, if we apply the CRO concept, we will be using measurement and analytics to achieve our goals. This will increase lead acquisition and, ultimately, improve conversions intelligently. In this way, we will be able to know what to base our digital marketing strategies on. And what changes to make in campaigns that have not worked as expected, and what other actions to implement.

3. How does it outperform common marketing in terms of adaptability?

In addition to being immediate and measurable, the information obtained in digital marketing enables the strategy to adjust as many times as necessary to enhance the results. This is called pivoting.

With digital marketing, we have the possibility of experiencing many things in a short period. You do not need the campaign to be finished to change or improve what you are doing. You may do so in the course of the process.

So much so that today’s most competent digital marketing professionals are prepared to:

  • Review the factors and reasons why certain activities do not lead to the best possible results.
  • Analyze the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to redirect the strategies and tactics most suitable for each case.
  • Optimize and dedicate the necessary resources and time to increase business opportunities.

3.1 What is KPI and what does it bring to digital marketing?

In this context, you should know that KPIs or key performance indicators are the metrics that we associate with quantifiable objectives. We define these objectives as soon as we start working on a marketing plan. This helps us to know how to act and take advantage of all the benefits that digital marketing provides.

When choosing a KPI, remember the saying “less is more”. If you focus on just a few KPIs, it will be easier to apply the right changes and improve than if you want to gather too much data and apply many changes at the same time. Little by little. Otherwise, you will get overwhelmed and it will be chaos.

For example, if we see that a campaign activated in Facebook Ads is not getting enough clicks on the link. We can change the segmentation of the ad set, change the creative, the copy, the call to action, etc. But remember to test one type of change at a time to see what works and then implement improvements.

4. Why is digital marketing so dynamic and flexible?

This trial-and-error dynamic and the ease of reorienting processes gives digital marketing flexibility and dynamism that other methods do not have. It, therefore, becomes important for your company to be able to adapt to changes both internally and externally.

How do we do it? Nothing better to work effectively in digital marketing and analyze the evolution of the service process online than to have the right technology. In this sense, it is essential to have digital marketing software that allows us to be agile and autonomous and thus optimize results.

Proof of this is found in HubSpot. Whose Marketing Hub tool provides us with numerous functionalities to visualize the metrics that interest us, encourage lead conversion, and see everything that goes on the web or in the marketing campaigns executed.

But there is not only HubSpot, there exist other tools in the market that could fit better with the objectives of your company. Deciding which one is the most suitable is a very important process that you should not approach lightly.

5. How does segmentation work and how does it help us to create better contact with the audience?

Digital marketing

Any action that forms part of a strategy should target your buyer persona. You only have to apply some of the segmentation categories. For example gender, location, age, language, country, cultural level, or consumption habits, among others.

Digital marketing allows you to perform a much more personalized segmentation. Either based on what the customer has done or not (receiving a product, opening a content, or clicking on an email, among other actions).

It can also be based on their status: customer, potential customer, old customer, supplier, collaborator, lead, qualified lead, follower, subscriber. Based on interest, whether or not they have filled out a form, or based on whether they have viewed a page.

If we are talking about creating direct contact with the audience, digital marketing can do it very well. The technological era allows a personalized experience, the direct and effective treatment becomes greater engagement and therefore greater customer satisfaction. Similarly, customers have greater power and tools to promote or discredit the brand, so it becomes essential to offer a better service every day.

5.1 What is the buyer persona?

Buyer persona refers to the fictitious representation of your ideal customer. It consists of real data about the behavior and demographic characteristics of your customers. As well as the development of their personal stories, motives, objectives, challenges, and interests.

A good buyer persona definition is based on contact with your target public so that in a quick scan you can identify common attributes among your potential buyers. If you have a customer base, that will make the perfect place to start your research.

Although you may have various profiles of people or businesses that consume your product, some of them tend to be examples of your Buyer persona. One important suggestion is to focus on both satisfied and dissatisfied clients. In either case, you will surely learn something about the perception of your product and the challenges your clients face.

6. What is branding and how to take advantage of it with digital marketing?

Being present on the web using digital marketing techniques has a direct and indirect impact on your brand and branding. Digital branding refers to the strategic and creative management that takes place in digital media to build the identity of a brand and make it relevant, different and sustainable over time.

Its purpose consists of creating and managing brands that communicate the values of organizations and connect with people. It goes far beyond a logo and a slogan. It makes the user remember it.

Keep in mind that the type of message you disseminate speaks of your values, your culture, and your credibility. You know that, if you do not appear on the Internet, through your website and social networks, your future customers will not have the opportunity to generate expectations and, above all, they will not trust your products and/or services.

7. How does it allow us to interact with customers and create a community?

Digital marketing also allows you to create an audience. The common point of the users of this community consists in the fact that they have a similar interest in the content you disseminate. Having your community, apart from creating branding, allows you to know and interact directly with your customers and potential consumers.

Interacting with your customers regularly show good faith to other customers. If you also share content that your audience likes, you are more likely to convert customers into brand loyalists. It will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition and add value to your brand.

The interest you show in the opinions and ratings of your company will make a difference. Users rely heavily on the opinion of other users, that’s why taking care of the attention and feedback in the different communication channels will improve the recognition of your brand and the reputation of your company.

8. How can we take advantage of it to publish valuable content that is also long-lasting?

All the content we create becomes an asset to the company. This does not mean that performing an isolated action will suffice. It becomes important to be dynamic. We used to fight for space (and we paid for it), and now we fight for consumers’ attention. The internet allows you to reach everywhere.

Educating over selling sets the tone and generates a positive experience that attracts the attention of your customers by stimulating topics of interest related to your company and field of action.

Finally, dedicating the necessary time to investigate which way works best to implement the right digital marketing strategy becomes fair and necessary. Especially, if you want to stay in the minds and hearts of your followers.

On the other hand, analyzing the behavior of the different communication channels becomes transcendental when it comes to making the best use of them to boost your business, position your brand and gain your company’s prestige.

9. What is the speed at which marketing solutions have evolved and what digital marketing solutions can we offer you at Connect Tech?

Therefore, technology is rapidly changing the way people used to do marketing and sales. It provides more and more efficient solutions to cope with this new market model. Proof of this is that there are thousands of solutions for different problems in your business.

At Connect Tech, our marketing services are the next step your company needs to take to work with digital marketing and generate an effective funnel. We will advise you on the best marketing strategy that your company needs. We will help your company to be seen by everyone.

Are you looking for a company to help you in the vast world of digital marketing? Look no further, Connect Tech is your best choice. With many years of experience in digital marketing, we assure you of professional advice and services. If you want to know more contact us at +971 43 316 688 or email us at

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