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How to grow your technical team in six months with software development staff augmentation

technical teams

Staff augmentation is an appropriate business strategy for increasing technical teams in businesses of any size. While in-house employment is an excellent choice for developing a core team and culture in a firm, the key to staff augmentation is the speed for recruiting and the large pool of handy software engineers. When correctly applied, the staff augmentation approach may help your firm become cost-effective, attain new levels of flexibility (compared to in-house technical teams), and free you to focus on your business goals.

In this article, we will discuss how to establish a technical team in a short time by utilizing staff augmentation. We will discuss the following topics:

  1. What is staff augmentation?
  2. Why add personnel to your software development team through staff augmentation
  3. What features does the staff augmentation model have?
  4. The principal advantages of staff augmentation
  5. When should firms employ the staff augmentation model?
  6. Why can Connect Tech be your best staffing partner?

1. What is staff augmentation?

technical teams

Hiring an expert software development team to repair an issue of a lack of able workers is always an option. But what if you do not require a complete internal staff to solve your software development issues? In such a case, you should probably seek IT staff augmentation services wherever you can find them.

Staff augmentation is a tool used by businesses to supplement their technical teams with external experts on a permanent, short-term, or long-term basis. Staff augmentation in software development enables firms to discover suitable, highly skilled professionals while quickly adjusting the developer team size to meet their business demands.

Today, several companies provide IT workforce solutions. This post will assist you in navigating through them and determining the best match for your firm.

2. Why add personnel to your software development team through staff augmentation?

Outsourcing, in general, is a superior method for meeting the objectives of a firm with the minimum means. This system works using two crucial layouts: staff augmentation or specialized teams.

Team-based and staff augmentation practices impact the global economy. Not only for their cost-effective features but also because they allow you to focus on essential issues. They are also prized for their flexibility, enabling speed to market, and improving service quality for any new project that these outsourcing models bring.

2.1 Staff augmentation to achieve your goals

Sometimes you can see where you want to go and even how to get there, but you definitely need a new setting to succeed. That extra effort or knowledge might be the difference between reaching your maximum potential and being simply content with what is now achievable.

The practical benefits of staff augmentation stem from increasing your core technical team’s ability to complete a project. It converts your resources into engineering power on the ground.

This burst of knowledge and enthusiasm may aid in the transition to better ideas, larger markets, and long-term growth.

2.2 Staff augmentation improves your whole organization

Staff augmentation improves your whole organization by directing your available resources to the particular areas that demand action at the precise moment they require attention.

As a result, resources, expertise, and technical tools boost your company. Amplifying its core tasks with IT specialists may be sufficient to bring your most treasured goals within reach.

Whether you want knowledge, higher capacity, or more efficient processes, IT staff augmentation may push you beyond what you now believe is achievable.

3. What features does the staff augmentation model have?

The staff augmentation approach entails increasing an internal workforce with specialized off-site-based professionals.

It implies that you may fill a technical team’s skill gap by hiring specialists who will fit particular IT project demands, provide your company with a competitive edge, and reduce the risks of hiring in-house staff.

Staff augmentation services specialize in providing committed IT employees that may join your project in a couple of days. These agencies drive a much speedier onboarding process without dealing with payroll administration or worrying about other official and legal difficulties.

Thus, outsourcing firms maintain a database of profiles with highlighted skill sets, and you may choose to expand your business with vetted software engineers. Scaling your technical teams is simple and quick due to their talent pool. This source is for firms that need to recruit software developers with varying experience and competency levels on a project-by-project basis.

3.1 What is the procedure for staff augmentation?

If you wish to expand your software development team, you must first determine the needed knowledge and skill set, the desired number of software developers, and the time required to grow your technical team. When these details are complied with, the vendor begins selecting candidates for your project.

Vendors often maintain a database of technical experts and can explore the market for new expertise if necessary. Then you will be able to organize interviews with the shortlisted individuals and assign them test tasks.

Once the exam and interview are successful, the IT staffing firm will issue job offers to the candidates. Because you are likely to have your own recruiting methods and criteria, the IT supplier will make the appropriate modifications for each worker.

3.2 What is the appeal of IT staff augmentation today?

IT staff augmentation enables firms to speed recruiting and gives the flexibility of readily augmenting or shrinking software development teams. These marks are perhaps the most relevant reasons it has become a buzzword.

Remote developer teams are an effective solution for the IT business, which requires qualified programmers to produce high-quality work at reasonable prices. Hiring in-house specialists is a complex and time-consuming operation. Staff augmentation provides the same benefits at a fraction of the expense

Other variables that lead organizations to outsource developer team expansion include the following:

  • The high cost of in-house expert recruiting and training.
  • The time and effort needed to locate new expertise.
  • Increasing personnel turnover.
  • Unwillingness to sacrifice project quality due to budget restrictions.
  • A scarcity of local talent.

4. The principal advantages of staff augmentation

technical teams

When you add a specialist to your prototyping, development, testing, or systems management needs, you increase the potential and output of your core team. These external engineers should follow your aims and take ownership of your product. They attend technical teams meetings, participate in discussions, and adhere to the best practices you know are effective in your setting.

This ability to function as full-fledged technical teams allow the correct external expertise to use your resources. You get new knowledge, industry expertise, devoted personnel, and high-quality outcomes.

Staff augmentation allows your company to focus its efforts on producing more than was previously considered achievable.

With that foundation in place, the following are the advantages of staff augmentation:

  • Spend less time recruiting.
  • Increase adaptability.
  • Cost-cutting measures.
  • Obtain industry knowledge.
  • Effective staff management.
  • Maintain your core team’s focus.

4.1 Spend less time recruiting.

Recruitment is a complex task with often surprising outcomes. Indeed, recruitment, training, and onboarding are time-consuming and costly processes. Retention is significantly more cost-effective than attracting and educating. Furthermore, headhunting consumes an undue amount of time and effort.

IT staff augmentation bypasses all of this. It is advantageous if the suppliers keep an excellent database of vetted professionals and can swiftly match them to your needs.

Moreover, outsourced workers are not only specialists at their job, but they must also be experts at establishing themselves quickly in a new context. Instead of starting from scratch, IT staffing firms can even supply personnel ready in weeks, not months.

That implies you may begin producing at a larger capacity and at a faster pace in the time it takes to develop and agree on a new test management plan.

4.2 Increase adaptability.

One of the primary motivations for project outsourcing, particularly staff augmentation, is flexibility. This flexibility stems from the convenience of replacing any software development team member in a short time, as opposed to changing in-house staff.

IT staff augmentation allows you to extend and contract your workforce based on your business goals. It enables you to direct your resources when and where they are most required, avoiding surplus headcount and unmotivated staff.

Staff augmentation is adjustable to business situations. It becomes the ideal alternative if you have a large project in mind. This technical teams extension concept enables the addition of people with the relevant skill set at any moment.

4.3 Cost-cutting measures

Hiring professionals to round out technical teams is clear about the payment structure. You will be able to plan and spend your budget more effectively since you will not be paying for any added costs but solely for the wages and fees of the suppliers.

Clearly, if you want to recruit a top-quality software developer, the compensation rates may still be exorbitant. As a result, if you discover a candidate who meets your requirements, it is best to hire them right away because it is still less expensive than hiring in-house.

4.4 Obtain industry knowledge

No longer will you be constrained by a lack of essential skills in the local market or wages too high for your budget. Staff augmentation services are now at hand all over the world. They provide endless options at a fair price. Nowadays, you can access experts in web designing, CRM, network security, mobile apps, IT infrastructure, and a thousand more specialties.

Indeed, as the outsourcing business expands, the talent pool of competent software developers becomes more and more valuable and crowded.

IT staff augmentation in every step of the software development life cycle has gains. But those that expand your expertise are the most valid. Of course, you can narrow your outsourcing searching to a specific area of your technical team that is deficient.

Alternatively, you may want to ensure that your foray into new terrain makes all the necessary connections and adheres to current trends and standards. Finally, you may want to ensure that the engineers that join the technical teams are capable of meeting your high standards and contributing to the project.

4.5 Effective staff management

Compared to project outsourcing, staff augmentation allows greater control over the process and equipment. When you perform management tasks, you gain more grasp than if you delegate the developer team management to an outsourced firm.

As a result, you will not be taken off guard when the outsourced manager informs you of an old unresolved problem.

4.6 Maintain your core team’s focus.

When you learn the potential of a new concept or uncover a market vacuum, it might be tempting to divert your existing resources to pursue this new solution—but there are risks involved. Forcing engineers to work as automated testing specialists or pressuring IT workers to construct untested platforms, for example, exposes them to blunders, fatigue, and the like.

It is better to raise your technical team’s skills and get specialized professionals to manage the extra work. Your core team’s distinctive talents drove you to the point of growth. You have to keep them doing what they must do, and they need the knowledge of others.

5. When should firms employ the staff augmentation model?

The staff augmentation strategy employs full-time software developers from outsourcing firms and quickly grows your in-house developer teams. Alongside, employers oversee the IT workers and engage with them. This action is the opposite of giving over a whole project to an IT outsourcing firm.

In short, consider the staff augmentation model in these situations:

  • You need skills that you do not have in your stack to complete the job, and you do not need that professional when the project is over.
  • You wish to strengthen the developer team working on the present aim.
  • Your in-house staff is overloaded, and there is a lack of talent to invest in a new project.
  • It requires a short team growth to create another part of the product.
  • You have a CTO/PM on your technical. Because contractor staff management is on the client’s side, it is critical to have someone in charge.
  • You do not want to spend too much time hunting for a senior software developer. It is better to join forces with a firm that can provide a diverse pool of skills.
  • Working with an outsourcing firm is not for you, and you require more communication with your developer team members.

6. Why can Connect Tech be your best staffing partner?

In this post, we discussed the essential aspects of the staff augmentation model of outsourcing in the IT industry. This strategy is becoming a popular alternative in this realm. In that sense, our engineers at Connect Tech have the skills to enhance the way you operate, whether through dedicated teams or by outsourcing methods such as staff augmentation.

IT outsourcing is, without a doubt, a challenging approach. As a result, we recommend contacting us to obtain our professional assistance as specialists and make the best selection and faultless performance. Contact us today to get the most out of your ideas.

Connect Tech provides multiple IT solutions, ranging from cloud services to CRM marketing. We will address all your projects within the modality that best fits you. Contact us at +971 43 316 688 or email We will be happy to help you. is a website that specializes in job vacancy searches for people seeking new opportunities. Simply by submitting your CV, you will be able to look for a job that matches your qualifications and goals. You may also contact us at for additional information. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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