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Reasons to consider IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing of companies

Nowadays most of the companies have in their processes functions and tasks related to the IT area. These tasks have been performed by a company’s team or can get delegated to an external company. This company has experts in the area to provide solutions to all the requirements of your company. This last modality is what is known as the IT outsourcing of companies.

In this article, we will look at how the IT outsourcing of companies can benefit your business, as well as some concrete ways in which your corporation can outsource its IT department. Let us see:

  1. What is IT outsourcing?
  2. What are the benefits of IT outsourcing?
  3. How can you use IT outsourcing?
  4. When to resort to IT outsourcing?
  5. What IT services can you outsource for your company?
  6. How to choose an external IT service provider?
  7. How to get the most out of IT outsourcing?
  8. What is the impact of IT outsourcing on your company’s competitiveness?
  9. How do we help entrepreneurs with IT outsourcing of companies?

1. What is IT outsourcing?

This business practice involves the contracting of services and personnel. When it gets introduced in the company, it allows the development of the activity over which there cannot be enough control or knowledge. It normally assumes that the entrepreneur was responsible for all the members of the company.

It has now become standard that part of our equipment can get managed by a third party who assumes all the responsibilities. These responsibilities include bureaucracy, contracting and quality in the resolution of the work.

The idea consists of using companies that support secondary tasks for our business. These tasks are handled more efficiently than we would do ourselves. The objective of the IT outsourcing of companies is to delegate the management of these services to specialized companies.

It is an increasingly common practice that is usually based on the outsourcing of services and personnel. This practice consists of hiring professionals who develop their work within our company, receive the assimilation and management by the outsourcing provider.

2. What are the benefits of IT outsourcing?

The main benefit of IT outsourcing companies is to receive expert support, having at your disposal the necessary technical knowledge to solve any IT problem that may arise in the development of your business, giving you total freedom to focus on the activities of your business.

On the other hand, depending on the type of outsourcing you decide to implement, this can lead to a decrease in personnel costs, especially when it is an outsourcing tool or, otherwise, it will allow you to have total control over the costs associated with the IT area, knowing completely the costs of the different services.

The way you work with the outsourcing company will depend on the number of tasks you wish to delegate. It will also depend on the capacity of your current team to work together with the team of experts.

Now that you know what IT outsourcing companies are, the benefits it brings, you will know some of the types of modality in which it is delivered. We invite you to analyze how these services would work in your company.

3. How can you use IT outsourcing?

One of the main ones is the full way, in this type of IT outsourcing, the provider takes over the management of all the IT services of the client company. The escalation allows access to the service at a very competitive price. However, there are risks associated with outsourcing all IT services to an external agent.

Partially, it is a formula whereby the supplier manages only part of the company’s IT services. This formula limits the risks and guarantees the supplier’s competencies. This way of doing things has a counterpart which is the increase in the costs of the service. In this case, there are two teams performing functions, usually separately or with little contact between them.

Multi-sourcing is the contracting of several suppliers for one or more areas of IT services to ensure flexibility. It also ensures independence. Having several suppliers ensures that we are not left without service and also that we are not at the mercy of a single supplier. In this way, we can have a dominant position in the relationship with him.

Strategically, in this outsourcing model, customers and suppliers develop a joint strategy in which they share resources, capital, and structures. It is a kind of investment in the supplier to obtain benefits from constant growth and improved competitiveness. This will translate into competitive advantages for the customer company.

4. When to resort to IT outsourcing?

When you want to grow, but do not want to increase the number of permanent internal staff, or on the other hand, you need to deal with a specific workload, outsourcing IT services is the most effective way to go. Outsourcing helps to manage IT tasks and workload surges in a practical, secure and fast way.

The IT outsourcing of companies is a recommended option if you need to be more productive and effective for a short or long period, and are not able to meet those expectations through your permanent staff alone, or if your company is expanding and you do not have the resources to expand.

In addition, outsourcing allows the company to focus primarily on the business. In this way, it does not consume human and financial resources in other areas that are not strategic to its core business. This will be useful when you need to achieve higher performance and avoid unnecessary distractions. In our agency, we explain to you with more detail when to outsource these services.

5. What IT services can you outsource for your company?

5.1 Software installation

If what you want is help with the installation of the programs that your computer needs then what you are looking for is a software outsourcing service. With this, you can have access to all these types of functions without having to worry about the technical aspects.

If what you need is to generate a program for the operation of your company or any other software, you must leave it in the hands of experts. Outsourcing these services will allow you to speed up the development process. It will also save you time in hiring professionals to do it within your team.

5.2 Data Security

Having computer security specialists is not very common. That is why hiring experts from an external company to help you protect your information is vital. If you outsource the security and data service you can have backup copies of the data you work with to never lose information and also avoid any intrusion of outsiders into your computer systems.

5.3 Connectivity

Network and connectivity, developing internal proxies, implementing VPN, diagnosing network problems, problems in the configuration of communication equipment, and other functions related to the transmission and reception of data and voice are what you will have at hand when outsourcing networking and connectivity services.

6. How to choose an external IT service provider?

When choosing an IT outsourcing service company it is ideal to take into consideration multiple points, so that we can make the best decision for the progress of our business, without adding extra concerns that can divert us from our path to success. To help you make that kind of decision we have some points that will make it easier for you to filter and decide for one provider or another.

To have references, the supplier you are going to choose must have experience in the sector and the best way to check this is to know previous projects. Even opinions from other companies that have worked with the suppliers you are reviewing. The ideal would be to ask for information or images of some projects similar to what you expect to achieve.

Communication with your potential supplier is vital to the proper development and performance of IT functions. One of the best ways to evaluate how the communication process will be is through your customer service. Ideally, when communicating with you, they should do it in a language that you can understand.

In addition to communication, transparency from both parties is important when finding a strategic partner to move forward within the IT area. If you are quoting multiple places let your potential vendor know. Sometimes sharing this information can lead to matching bids made by other vendors or improving service offerings.

7. How to get the most out of IT outsourcing?

Ideally, you should make a list of the processes, tasks, and functions to be performed in the area where you want to hire the services. Evaluate which of them are essential for the proper functioning of your company. It is also good to evaluate those that can continue to be fulfilled by the team you already have.

Also, consider the costs associated with performing the tasks with the team you already have and what the cost would be with outside equipment. Consider factors such as the necessary training your team will need to receive to perform certain functions. Also, take into account the time it will take for someone new who already has to join your team.

If the tasks you want to outsource are few, look for companies or individual providers who have extensive experience in that area. It is not necessary to hire a company with a large number of specialists in multiple areas. If you only need, for example, a team with expertise in application development, it is not necessary to hire a large company.

In addition to defining your objectives and the indicators that allow you to know the fulfillment of these objectives, you carry out, from time to time, audits to know the situation in which the progress of the team is. If you took into account the previous advice and generated indicators, pay special attention to its evolution and reevaluate if it is necessary.

8. What is the impact of IT outsourcing on your company’s competitiveness?

IT outsourcing in specific areas of a company is becoming one of the main competitive strategies in the market. The result of following an outsourcing strategy is to achieve a good strategic position in a competitive market and a globalized environment.  Outsourcing allows you to reduce your company’s costs by flexibly achieving higher productivity.

Companies prefer to focus their efforts on commercial management and productivity, leaving support and specific tasks to third parties. Outsourced specialists will take care of the administration and maintenance tasks of computer systems, while your company’s employees will focus on the core business.

In this way, the company will have technological platforms and qualified human resources, and execution and response times will be reduced. A combination of factors generates citing advantages in the long term.


Outsourcing is therefore a key way to delegate work from your company’s IT department. The most striking benefit of this practice is undoubtedly the cost reduction that your company will have. At Connect Tech we have the best IT outsourcing solutions.

Getting a partner to offer an IT outsourcing process can be a tough task. IT outsourcing should not be taken lightly, delegating almost all important processes to another company can mean either good or bad. That is why at Connect Tech we guarantee you a professional service, our many years of experience speak for us.

Do you need to know more information about IT outsourcing? At Connect Tech we will provide you advice on anything you need. You can email us at CONTACT@CONNECTECH.DEV for more information.

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