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Outsourcing vs In-House Development: A Comparison of Pros and Cons

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If you cannot decide whether you should develop your application or website in-house or outsource the development, you have come to the right place. Software development has taken a very important direction in companies wishing to enter the technology world. That is why choosing a good software development management is so important when starting a project of this nature.

In this article, we dive into the debate over in-house software development vs. outsourcing. We will review your web and mobile development options, cover their pros and cons, and offer comparisons. Let’s review:

  1. What are the outsourcing and in-house software development models?
  2. How does my in-house software development company benefit??
  3. Which advantages does outsourcing software development have?
  4. What disadvantages does outsourcing software development have?
  5. Which disadvantages does outsourcing software development have?
  6. Which is a better option? In-house development or outsourcing?

1. What are the outsourcing and in-house software development models?

In-house software development management means that you hire a team of employees who are part of your company to develop your website or mobile app. In theory, it is possible to find and hire an entire in-house team at once, although this does not happen often.

When you outsource development, it means that you hire professionals outside your company and do not hire employees. You can choose to outsource application development to a company or freelance developers. Companies often offer both freelancers and entire teams depending on your needs. You may have to select freelancers one by one.

Outsourcing and in-house development are popular models with their pros and cons. The following is our breakdown of the arguments in favor of in-house web development versus outsourced web development.

2. What are the advantages of in-house software development?

An internal team resides where you and your employees work, making them easier to reach. Even during a pandemic, an internal team will still be in the same state or country, at a minimum. You can monitor your team regularly when they are a couple of offices away or when they have an unscheduled phone call.

Unhindered communication is a great advantage. Considering that your internal team speaks your language, both literally and figuratively. The opportunity to meet and discuss the project face-to-face at any time, without complex arrangements, facilitates clear communication of your ideas.

Also, in terms of software development management, flexibility means the ability to make changes immediately; it is one of the great internal advantages and derives from all of the above benefits. In-house teams have more flexibility because they are:

  • More geographically accessible.
  • More able to communicate with the product owner.
  • Involved with a single product (or several, but for a single company) and do not need to readjust their schedules too much to make changes.
  • Able to understand the business well because they see it from the inside.

2.1 Understanding of business objectives and dedication to your product

The job of outsourced contractors is simply to build a product the way a customer tells them to do it. While there are companies that value their customers’ business and do not blindly follow instructions, not all outsourcers are like that. And nothing beats a team whose future profits depend on the success of the product.

An in-house team is immersed in the company’s business and shares the corporate ethos, so in-house specialists are often dedicated to the project. In addition, some of the inside information that could affect a product may or may not be shared with outsiders.

Let us also mention that most outsourcing developers, whether they are companies or independent specialists, juggle several products simultaneously. When one project is at the low-involvement stage where little needs to be done, they will take on another, as they are generally paid for hours worked.

In-house teams, on the other hand, are fully dedicated to the software they are creating for their employers. With an in-house team, you will not find a scheduling conflict when you want or need to implement changes urgently.

3. Which advantages does outsourcing software development have?

More and extra groups are selecting to outsource all or a part of their software program development. Even the industry heavyweights outsource parts of their products. Outsourcing is a sensible decision to:

  • Saving money
  • Launching faster
  • Accessing a wider pool of specialists
  • Promoting education and team innovation
  • Ensuring skill versatility and team scalability.

As we mentioned, saving money is undoubtedly the most striking advantage that outsourcing offers. Whether you hire an outsourcing company or freelancers, they will already be equipped with everything they need to get the job done, including a workspace and equipment.

Also, when there is a slowdown in activity within a project, you can put the project on hold and come back to it later with the same people working on it. With in-house development, you may lose your employees to other companies when there is no work for them, and attracting them back will be much more challenging.

3.1 Faster launches and access to specialists.

Good subcontractors (teams and freelancers) usually have several projects scheduled. To preserve up with everything, they set closing dates and meet them. In addition, most subcontracting agreements include penalties for violating deadlines without an acceptable reason.

This means that, except for some truly unexpected circumstances, a team of subcontractors will deliver your project promptly. In-house teams, by being more flexible with changes and corrections, may miss strict deadlines.

On the other hand, when it comes to in-house software development management options, your selection of professionals will be limited to your geographic area. Inviting out-of-state developers will cost you more and may prove impossible for a multitude of reasons. If you live in a place where the IT industry is not very robust, finding quality developers will be a struggle.

With outsourcing, you may pick builders from all around the world. You can combine several freelance developers from different countries to get the best results in software development with the best method.

4. What are the disadvantages of in-house software development?

In-house software development is often used by large companies with software products that need constant long-term development services. When you outsource software development management, you pay builders most effective for the time they paintings to your product

If there is no software development experience in the company, another difficulty may arise. It is recommended to consult professionals to find out what kind of specialists are needed and what level of experience is required.

The cost may be based on worker hours or story points, but either way, you pay for the work performed and nothing else. For an in-house team, you will not only have to pay salaries (and other competitive ones) but also provide a social package: sick leave, vacation, vacations, health insurance.

If the team works from your office, you will also need to provide high-end equipment. Computers for developers are not cheap. Some other points are recommended to have in mind before starting an in-house software development:

4.1 Finding, retaining talent and innovation

Building an in-house development team can be a challenge, especially if you do not operate from an area with a strong software development industry. And while Silicon Valley is not the only place where talented developers reside, not all regions and countries have a strong IT presence.

Hiring developers to relocate to where their offices are can cost an arm and a leg, and very few specialists are willing to move somewhere with few prospects. To keep developers working for you, you will need to offer benefits at or above the industry standard. This can be unprofitable when development enters low-load stages.

It is not uncommon for professionals working on the same product for an extended period to keep up with the latest innovations in the industry. This is because, in an in-house team, developers have little or no expertise and therefore little or no motivation to educate themselves unless they are passionate about their work.

In this case, it is up to the employer to motivate employees and pay for their education and further education, as well as for upgrading their equipment to support the latest technologies for your team. Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of in-house development listed above, we recommend hiring an in-house team when:

  • You have a long project that will require constant work
  • You have no financial constraints and would like to have full control over the development process

5. What disadvantages does outsourcing software development have?

Despite all the advantages mentioned above, outsourcing is still not a perfect solution and has its complications. Generally, if you outsource to a development company, you will have a project manager to connect with your team and set up times for communication, reviews and, learning about progress.

You can agree to communicate as often as you need to: daily, weekly, or at the end of each sprint. The important thing is that you will have control over the project. Communication between developers and the client can become a serious problem when outsourcing, especially when working with offshore teams.

The time difference is possibly the most stressful problem, as it can be difficult to connect. If your team is on the other side of the world, all participants will need to schedule a time to communicate, and that time will not always be convenient. Language and cultural differences are often easier to overcome.

Depending on your project, your development team may need confidential information about your business. Using reputable developers with a good reputation is a good way to avoid fraud and information theft. To further minimize risks, have everyone with confidential information sign a confidentiality agreement. You will need to take this into account when choosing a company.

5.1 Possible poor code quality with hidden costs

Software development is a profitable industry that everyone wants to be a part of. But, as with any job, it takes time, effort, and dedication to be good at software development management. Unfortunately, not all developers are dedicated to creating quality software for their clients. Some decide to half-heartedly put together a working code that falls apart the first chance they get.

Finding a reputable developer to outsource your project may take some time. However, several services can help with that. If you want to outsource development to a company instead of freelancers, you can check the reputation and credentials of companies on Clutch, where all reviews are from verified clients. Freelance job boards also often have reviews and ratings.

With an in-house team, you will have control at every stage to check if everything is working. Lack of control over outsourced development can result in errors being detected too late, causing you to lose important time in the process of getting back in touch with the company.

The software development process is rarely set in stone and, from time to time, unexpected changes occur, which will incur additional costs. With a trusted partner, you will be notified of the possibility of such additional costs when your partner calculates the cost of software development.

6. Which is a better option? In-house development or outsourcing?

We live in an increasingly digital world, and while this world offers us a multitude of conveniences, it asks a lot in return. The easy availability of the Internet everywhere allows the truly magical advantages of finding customers and selling things efficiently.

Having an in-house software development team has its advantages, as does outsourcing. Also, you do not necessarily have to choose between outsourcing and in-house software development. Even large, well-known companies outsource development to individuals and teams in addition to the company’s huge in-house development staff.

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