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How can I increase the number of leads for my IT services company?

IT services company

To ensure that your IT services company survives, you must focus part of your marketing on attracting new customers. This takes the form of lead generation, a method of increasing the number of leads you get. That is, generating new opportunities to make a sale, such as a customer booking a table or requesting a quote.

In this article, we will look at some ways to dramatically increase the number of leads your business generates that could be converted into actual sales. Let us see:

  1. How important is it to have a website?
  2. Why should you consider using an SEO strategy?
  3. How to promote our company with social networks?
  4. How to use social media to promote your company?
  5. Why is it important for your IT services company to do good general advertising?
  6. How to highlight a good logo and slogan for our company?
  7. Why your advertising does not sell? How to improve creativity?
  8. What final recommendations can we give you at Connect Tech?

1. How important is it to have a website?

IT services company.

When presenting your IT services company, it becomes necessary to have a website where you can explain and promote your services. A website has to be dynamic and up to date, as well as stand out among all the information available on the network.

It has been proven that the number of searches per second on the internet exceeds 35,000 worldwide. Every day, your potential customers search for everything they need on the most powerful search engines. Mostly, we will see this on Google.

Search engines will index more easily those websites that continuously vary their content. The ideal is to maintain quality content, combined with a level of activity and the creation of new data that will develop the character and vision of the brand.

It has great value for web positioning, and the creation of links to your site, which comes to be known as link building. If the pages have a good reputation, it will increase the valuation that the Google webs importance meter will make of your web page, increasing also your notoriety.

1.1 What consists of link building?

Link building constitutes one of the strategies that collaborate the most with the good positioning of a website in search results. However, it requires knowing how to develop it in the right way to be successful. Increasing organic traffic is one of the most valued objectives in online marketing.

Therefore, link building consists of a set of techniques to generate links in external domains to improve the SEO positioning of a web page or site within the search engines. These external links come to known as backlinks. Each of them indicates to search engines that the linked content has valuable content. However, not all backlinks provide you with the help you require to improve your ranking.

2. Why should you consider using an SEO strategy?

When we study the different disciplines of online marketing to promote our IT solutions business, it becomes common to ask what SEO is, and what is the meaning of SEO. The term SEO comes from the abbreviation of search engine optimization.

Then, what does SEO consist of? In improving the visibility of a website so that it appears in better search results in an organic way. This explains why this concept has also been called natural positioning. Or also, simply and given the relevance of this search engine, positioning in Google.

When thinking about the different SEO strategies that we can implement, we must keep in mind what SEO is all about. Basically, it consists of appearing in the most favorable positions possible in the organic search results. All this for certain keywords that have been previously studied and selected and that may be relevant to our website.

2.1 What other features does SEO have?

On the other hand, we must always keep in mind that the fruits of SEO should be expected in a medium-long term horizon. It becomes important to keep in mind some of the following characteristics.

Firstly, the number of keywords for the position is limited. Since it depends on the number of URLs that the website has. This denotes the importance of the initial selection of keywords that you want to work on a web structure. Subsequently, it is not possible to guarantee the exact position of these keywords for a limited period. In SEO positioning many variables cannot take into account:

  • Changes in the indexing algorithms of search engines.
  • Changes in search trends.
  • Introduction of new competitors.

On the other hand, SEO has a great advantage that represents an important incentive to work on it, and that means that the cost of organic clicks comes free of charge. This means that, when you manage to occupy the top positions, you can get a relevant volume of traffic without a direct cost associated with it.

3. How to promote our company with social networks?

Provide an efficient service. Create content that is of interest to your consumers. Avoid wasting their time with unimportant information. You can hire freelance professionals for the period you need to guide you and write content or design efficient marketing strategies to boost your IT services company.

If you are one of the many people who are wondering where to start and, in addition, you are overwhelmed when working with social media marketing: you have nothing to worry about. Nowadays, there is a myriad of facilities. It has become very affordable to hire, according to your needs, specialists who are dedicated to online marketing.

The trend among companies to use this type of format to promote themselves continues to grow. What’s more, it is predicted that in 2018, 79% of Internet traffic will be driven by video. Incorporating video into your marketing strategies is very effective in connecting your business with consumers and target audiences.

3.1 What is the contribution of Social Networks within a comprehensive online strategy?

Traffic to your website. As we mentioned above, social networks are an excellent way to direct a constant flow of traffic to your company’s website. It will also be quality traffic: users interested in what you have to say, in what you sell, who will have decided to click on your publication and see what you have to offer them in the next step (here the advice is clear: avoid disappointing them).

Recommendations and ratings. Nobody is going to buy your product because you say IT services company is very good, and social networks allow you to solve that. Not only with the reviews and ratings that users will leave on your different social profiles, but also with publications, comments, likes, and all kinds of actions that will provide your company with an important extra of trust.

Advertising is different from traditional advertising. Nowadays, traditional advertising is not effective to everyone. First, because it is everywhere, and because it is based on the excessively simple scheme of it being very good. Social networks will allow you to approach users differently, to establish a relationship that works both ways.

4. How to use social media to promote your company?

Think carefully about which social networks are the most appropriate for your IT services company. You do not need to be on all of them, and approaching it that way will only lead you to fail in your online attempt. Do your research, find out what each social network is for and which ones can bring you value and in which ones you can bring value to the users, of course.

Create truly professional profiles. Uploading profile pictures or pixelated banners think that users will evaluate your company based on what they see on your social networks, and if the first impression is negative, it will be much more difficult for you. Put yourself in the user’s shoes.

Be active, and generate content. 100 posts the first month, 10 the second month… none thereafter. Many companies start with a lot of enthusiasm, but usually do not make it beyond a month or two. With no strategy, no goals, and nothing to contribute they get no results.

Study the impact of your actions. If a product works, it is promoted. If a product does not work, it is discarded. The same applies to your actions on social networks: find out what works for you and what does not. And repeat the process, over and over again.

5. Why is it important for Your IT SERVICES company to do good general advertising?

Every IT services company needs a good advertising strategy to position them in the market. They focus on looking for ideas to sell the products or services. Advertising has ceased to be optional for a business and has become an indispensable element when competing in the market.

The success after the growth of your cloud-based or managed IT services will depend not only on the time you invest in it, the capital you have, or the products you offer, but also on sales. The best method of generating sales involves making people aware of what you have to sell. Advertising is a form of impersonal and far-reaching communication that attempts to increase the consumption of a product or service.

Sponsors generally pay for it. The purpose of advertising in a company, in the case of a new product, is to inform the public of its existence. If there is a product that has been on the market for a long time, it persuades them to continue buying it, and if it is well known, advertising tries to keep its image alive.

The image projected by the company to the general public makes the consumer believe what will happen if he buys the products of a certain brand. That is why the phrases, images, and media used to generate advertising, must be accurate with the characteristics of the people you want to influence.

6. How to highlight a good logo and slogan for our company?

A logo is a symbol formed by letters, images, and abbreviations. Its function is to identify your company, your brand, and everything related to it. The secret behind a good logo is that just by taking a look at it, people will already know what your company is about or, likewise, they will know about your products.

To create the perfect logo you can count on a free online logo creator, the important thing is that your logo is legible, reproducible, scalable, distinguishable, and impressive. This way no one will forget it and it will be unique for your IT services company.

A slogan for your IT services company. From a marketer’s point of view, developing the right message is all about research and study to reach people. It may be with psychology, sociology, and economics, or better yet, with a good slogan. A slogan or tagline is nothing more than a word or short phrase, an advertising theme, or sentence that should be easy to remember and that will identify your company in a commercial context.

In retrospect, a slogan is like the battle cry that kicks off competition in the marketplace, and in which companies compete for a consumer’s preference for their products. This advertising slogan should be short and to the point, effective, and easy to memorize.

7. Why your advertising does not sell? How to improve creativity?

Your company’s advertising will depend on the tools you use. They make you count firsthand the most current in the field of technology and the various options to match a good advertising strategy.

Advertising has grown in recent years, and the ways to reach people have become more sophisticated thanks to new technologies and services. The truth is that if your company invests in good advertising it grows faster and its recognition spreads. The most important thing is to have a good message that interests people in your offer as a sell. The success of your company comes from the advertising of your products. Keeping up to date with innovations, technology, and market realities ensures that you will be able to meet your objective: to sell your product.

8. What final recommendations can we give you at Connect Tech?

As you may have seen, increasing the number of people who know the name of your company has become quite affordable. However, at Connect Tech, we recommend having a good marketing plan. Having established which areas to focus on to get your company’s name out there, you will have less chance of failing in the attempt.

Are you looking for a company to support you in your next digital marketing campaign? Look no further, Connect Tech offers you the best choice. If you want to know more you can contact us at +971 43 316 688. Or you can also write us an email and send it to

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