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11 Benefits of web app development

benefits of app development

Apps make it possible to generate a unique interactive environment with users. The benefits of app development by companies tend to have objectives generally related to increased sales and customer loyalty.

In this article, we will see how mobile applications are used by companies to monitor and manage processes, as well as to plan and coordinate key strategies and activities. These technologies enable companies to work more efficiently, increase profits or reduce costs. Let’s see:

  1. Can I obtain data based on user profiles?
  2. What personalized experience does a developed app provide?
  3. Why does engagement increase?
  4. What do we mean by in-app and push notifications?
  5. The apps provide quality retargeting
  6. How to build user loyalty?
  7. Why is user reactivation and abandonment rate reduction important?
  8. How to use Monetization adapted to the business model?
  9. What are process optimization and monitoring methods?
  10. How are you able to exploit peripheral devices and provide greater customer service availability?
  11. Why spend time improving these applications?
  12. What benefits can Connect Tech bring you with the development of applications?

1. Can I obtain data based on user profiles?

Firstly, one of the benefits of app development is that apps provide a great source of data that allows obtaining valuable information about the different user profiles. In addition to their behavior in the app environment. They get a lot of use by companies to obtain and process data about their processes efficiently. Depending on the company, some key indicators include:

  • Gender, age, location, profession, marital status.
  • Number of installations.
  • Application opening.
  • Time of use.
  • Purchase/Subscription.
  • Life cycle.
  • Goals achieved.
  • Several orders were placed/produced in a given time frame.

As a result, measuring and analyzing all this information plays a key role in generating strategies to increase the time spent in the app. Also, improvements in purchase recommendations or commercial processes. Not to mention the increase in sales, the adaptation of services to the user, or the display of advertisements, among many others.

2. What personalized experience does a developed app provide?

Firstly the benefits of app development focus on getting the highest percentage of users. As a result, Apps can have single or multiple objectives, but maintaining an attractive and easy-to-navigate interface remains one of the key elements to improve the user experience, whether designed for internal use by employees or the general public.

However, this often is not enough, as more and more companies invest in the personalization of this experience. Thanks to the data collected and analyzed periodically, it becomes possible to know when is the best time to send notifications to a specific customer, what kind of products a customer prefers or what kind of messages increase the opening of the application.

Machine learning technologies make it possible to predict user behavior on the interface and analyze it automatically, based on pre-established variables. For this reason, investment in mobile applications, big data, machine learning, and, in short, technological innovation holds the key to greater efficiency and competitiveness for companies.

3. Why does engagement increase?

Consequently, knowing the user’s needs and the content they like the most allows to greatly increase engagement with brands. In addition, communications take place directly and in a controlled environment where they will not feel the impact of competition.

The implementation of campaigns with discounts and special promotions is particularly effective in mobile applications, as well as offering the opportunity to interact with the content through comments, social networks, and product ratings.

To clarify, all this communication established with the customer allows to increase brand recall, and if the customer experience has a positive one, this can greatly increase customer loyalty. This represents a great benefit of developing an app.

4. What do we mean by in-app and push notifications?

These applications allow sending notifications to users inside and outside the app. In-app notifications refer to notifications that generally display in full screen to send key messages to the user and promote their interaction with the content.

To clarify, there exist many applications that even include a message section or inbox where customers or employees can receive information about their purchases, discounts, promotions, or any kind of news or communication related to the company.

On the other hand, push notifications appear on the lock screen of cell phones, although they can be deactivated by users. This type of notification, widely used in all social networks, have as their main objective the reactivation of users, or what comes to the same thing, that users reopen the application, sometimes with a specific purpose or communication.

Therefore, large companies study in-depth the creativity and content of these notifications, which in many cases vary depending on the user. All this allows a much more direct and personalized communication that we cannot achieve through other means.

5. The apps provide quality retargeting

As mentioned in the previous section, these types of notifications allow you to re-impact users and create your databases on their performance. One of the benefits of app development to it takes into account.

In addition, this information also allows you to impact users in other online advertising media such as Google Ads, expanding the scope of campaigns at different times and environments about the content you are looking for.

To test which types of advertising and formats suit our audience best and thus maximize results, it makes sense to perform this type of action. In general terms, behavioral retargeting is a form of online advertising that targets consumers based on their previous online behavior.

6. How to build user loyalty?

Speaking of the benefits of app development, we can build user loyalty through our interactive environment. It adapts to the real needs of the users, it is much easier than using other types of methodologies. However, one does not exclude the other but rather complements them.

As a result, it is best to use all possible resources. Among which we highlight the communication in social networks, through email marketing or SMS, depending on the company’s audience. This helps to measure the level of user loyalty and satisfaction. 

App ratings, as many companies directly ask the level of user satisfaction through ratings and scores on the quality of service. Exclusive promotions are also useful. It is a marketing technique that is the order of the day. Many companies offer discounts of sales hours before the application to increase the number of downloads and use this resource as a means of loyalty.

Version updates. These updates not only serve to make changes and improvements to the service but also offer a very important metric. In most cases, this is due to the lack of use of the app. This tells us how many users we need to reactivate. For this, it is important to communicate through other channels the advantages of the update and news.

7. Why is user reactivation and abandonment rate reduction important?

User reactivation is one of the critical moments in the relationship with customers. This is why it is important to get the customer interested in the application’s services again. The best thing to do is to make fresh and innovative moves to attract the attention of these users.

Therefore, notifications should not be sent without a specific objective. This type of user will remember that they have installed an app that they are not using and that may no longer be of interest to them.

The most important thing is to impact them with valuable content or content with which they have interacted positively throughout their lifecycle with the application. This will mean a great app development benefit.

8. How to use Monetization adapted to the business model?

Depending on the product/service offered, it is important to define the most appropriate monetization model. There are two main types, the Premium model and the Freemium model. In the Premium model, there is a single payment for the download in the app store. This means that the app must provide great value to the customer.

This is the case of video game applications or applications with very exclusive functionalities and content. It is necessary to publicize the advantages and differentiation of the product through other communication channels to justify the payment.

In Freemium, the download of this type of application is free in the stores and the aim is to obtain the highest possible engagement. This is the case with many applications such as Spotify, Netflix, e-commerce, and news. Freemium apps are monetized through:

  • In-app purchases
  • Subscription payment
  • Including in-app advertising
  • Payments in external payment gateways.

9. What are process optimization and monitoring methods?

One of the many benefits of app development is the optimization of processes resulting from the collection and monitoring of collected data. The implementation of new technologies is essential for the growth of companies and organizations, their adaptation to market changes, and their competitiveness in the market.

Designing and developing custom mobile applications, seeking innovation, and adapting to customer needs, to achieve these objectives. A good example of this is using a crop management application in which farmers can easily manage all the information produced by the lots, corresponding to delimited extensions of land.

It provides important information such as the yield of the different types of crops, as well as generating reports with photographs, geolocation, treatment proposals, rainfall records, etc. all this is useful information for the better overall management of process optimization.

10. How are you able to exploit peripheral devices and provide greater customer service availability?

Another of the benefits of app development is to have access to information and the supply of some products is not subject to conventional business hours. Thus, at any time, customers can consult their mobile application and; for example, make reservations, check availability, access promotions, among other options.

It is the possibility of having a permanent sales and customer service channel, without the need for dedicated staff. And with greater facilities for the customer, who have the freedom to choose the ideal time to access the service information.

The versatility of mobile applications makes it possible to use the functions of integrated devices such as cameras, GPS, and microphones to configure voice-activated processes, notifications based on the customer’s location, or access and validation functions with photographic or video capture through the mobile device.

11. Why spend time improving these applications?

Having professional help for the creation of your mobile applications guarantees they have the most complete tools to provide a pleasant experience of usability. With design and utilities oriented to offer comfort, speed, and accurate information to obtain the best results in every interaction of customers with your application, facilitating access to services and increasing sales.

Whether via notifications or messaging to send offers and special promotions. Your business can reach the market of clients interested in your services and products without middlemen. And for the company, it becomes an important source of indicators to plan promotional and sales actions according to the most frequent requests or concerns

On the other hand, the ability to customize mobile applications according to your customer’s preferences makes them part of their daily lives, which means capturing their attention and having your services as a useful function for them. Spending time and investing in improving your company’s mobile applications makes your brand recognizable and better for your customers.

12. What benefits can Connect Tech bring you with the development of applications?

As we have already seen, web app development includes a lot of benefits and they look very appealing. However, app development is not something to be taken lightly. That is why we offer you the best service and solutions to develop the next web app for your company.

At Connect Tech we offer you a wide range of services to help your company develop its apps. We guarantee that the developed app will offer your users the best experience they can expect.

Are you looking for more information about app development? At Connect Tech we are your best choice. You can send us an email to CONTACT@CONNECTECH.DEV.

Also, if you want to send your resume you can do it at Everything you send to will not be stored.

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